Gifted Education

Gifted Education in Carmel


At Carmel, gifted education aims to nurture the potential of all students by providing different learning opportunities. Through the participation in diversified and challenging classroom activities, students with higher ability will become more engaged in learning and thus their talent can be developed. The provision of systematic school-based gifted education programmes allows students to further develop their potential and interact with students having similar abilities and interests. Effective implementation of gifted education does not only systematically and strategically develop the potentials of gifted students, but it also caters to diverse learner needs of all students both inside and outside the classroom.


Teacher Development

To ensure that teachers have a common understanding of the rationale and principles of gifted education and to adopt effective instructional strategies in a regular classroom, almost all teachers in Carmel have completed the Foundation Course in Gifted Education organised by the Education Bureau. Teachers are also encouraged to participate in various professional development programmes on gifted education from time to time.

School-wide and subject-specific staff development programmes are also held regularly on themes closely related to gifted education and addressing learner diversity. Lesson studies are also carried out so that teachers can explore effective learning and teaching strategies to support the learning of students in regular classrooms.


Gifted Education in Operation 

Gifted education in the academic area is undertaken by the Academic Affairs Committee, the Elite Program Co-ordination Committee and subject departments. The non-academic part is mainly undertaken by the Extra-Curricular Activities Committee, which provides various activities and training programme to nurture those with talents in a non-academic area such as sports, music or leadership.

Three-tier Operation Mode

Carmel has adopted the three-tier operation mode suggested by the Education Bureau in implementing gifted education.  This comprehensive model facilitates the provision of gifted education at the classroom level (Level 1), through pull-out programmes within or after regular school hours (Level 2) and enrichment and extension learning opportunities outside of school (Level 3).

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

The Way Forward

One significant insight gained from our involvement in gifted education is that this endeavour benefits not only gifted learners but all students. In coming years, the school will continue to explore effective pedagogies such as differentiated instruction and inquiry-based learning approach to engage students in learning and tap their potential. To provide rich learning experience to talented students, more school-based gifted programmes will be organised such as Mathematics Olympiad Course, English Ambassador Training Programme and Chinese Writing Class. As a key element of quality education, gifted education will be developed continuously in Carmel.

Useful Websites

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education 

Gifted Education Section, Education Bureau, HKSAR

Programme for Gifted and Talented, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Elite Program Coordinating Committee

Committee Chairperson:       Mr. Wong Chi Hang

Committee Members:            Mr. Leung Lok Yin

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