Key Learning Area

Science Education


We aim to enable students to

  • acquire the basic scientific knowledge and concepts for living in and contributing to a scientific and technological world;
  • master scientific skills in performing and designing experiments;
  • develop the ability to inquire and to solve problems;
  • be acquainted with the language of science and be equipped with the skills in communicating ideas in science related contexts;
  • develop curiosity and interest in science;
  • recognize the usefulness and limitations of science and the interactions between science, technology and society and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship, including respect for the environment and commitment to the wise use of resources;
  • be able to appreciate and understand the evolutionary nature of scientific knowledge;
  • be able to apply their acquired knowledge in solving daily life problems.

Department Members


Department Head

Mr. Lam Pui Chow

Assistant Department Head

Mr. Ho Hok Leung, Mr Lam Man Fai


Mr. Hung Kwang Hse

Miss Chan Hau Yin

Mr Lam Hoi Ting

Miss Tsui Wai Sum

Laboratory Technicians
Mr. Li Yun Kau
Mr. Ng Chun Ming

Academic Activities


Our students are demonstrating the use various laboratory equipment to the guests

This activity was organized by the HKIVE, Faculty of Engineering of HKU, Hong Kong Construction Association. 4 of our S.4 students jointed this activity. They had hands on experience of constructing a bridge.

Photo 9

Science Quiz (S.1-2)

The Science Department organized science quizzes for S.1 and S.2 students. Three representatives from each class were invited to participate in the quiz. Representatives studied both the textbook and some extra-curricular science books to prepare for the quiz. The students actively participated in the quiz.

Photo 7
Photo 8

Active participation of students in the Science Quiz

Student-led Science Department Activity:

Crystal DIY workshop

Around 20 students from various forms (S.1-5) joined the workshop.  They had the hand on experience to design and make their own crystal stones.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 5
Photo 4
Photo 6

Students enjoying making crystal stones with their own hands

The Science department joined the scheme of “Green Living Starter” which is held by the La Violet education.  15 S2 students in the Science Enrichment Class participated in this programme.  Through the programme, students have learnt how to put the concept of green living in practice. Combining the design thinking concept and technology, students designed suitable proposal to conserve energy and keep a green living style.

Photo 10
Photo 11
Photo 12

Students working on their own model prototypes

Our alumni, Adans Ko conducted a talk with title “Mars Rover Curiosity from the beginning to Now” to our S4 Physics students.  39 S4D students attended the talk and they raised a lot of questions concerning the topic.

Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

Students show great interest in the content of the talk on Mar Exploration

Outstanding Achievements


Three of our students have achieved outstanding results in the International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest 2019

6D Jason Cheung        Gold Award

5D Joseph Chan          Bronze Award

5D Gina Choi               Honourable Mention Award

Two teams of students, which included 4 S4 (Choi Shu Ching, Chow Sze Yu, Feng Ka Ip and Wang Sui Chi) and 4 S3 (Hon Ka Fung, Leung Chiu Yat, Tsang Chi Pang and Yan Cheuk Hei) students, joined the Aurora Cup organized by the Hong Kong Polar Research Institute. Students were to draft proposal of scientific investigation for arctic research in May 2019. The S4 team got the silver award while the S3 team got the Merit award. The theme of the scientific investigation of the S4 team is Aquaponics in Arctic. On 28 June 2019, an interview was held by the reporter of Sing Tao Daily and the scientific investigation proposals submitted by the top 3 winners of the competition, which included our school, were shared.

Merit award:

S.3 Team (Hon Ka Fung, Leung Chiu Yat, Tsang Chi Pang and Yan Cheuk Hei)

Silver award:

S.4 Team (Choi Shu Ching, Chow Sze Yu, Feng Ka Ip and Wang Sui Chi)

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Students getting outstanding results in the Aurora Cup 2019

Some of our junior form (S.2-3) students joined 2019 Science Assessment Test organized by Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, they achieved outstanding results.


Diamond Award: 

3C Yu Hau Chak

Gold Award: 

3A Cheung Chung Tin, Cheung Yui Shing

Silver Award: 

3D Hon Ka Fung Ryan

Bronze Award: 

2B Hu Sze Man, 2C Chung Yan Lam, Lu Ming Xi, Soo Wai Chun Ivan, 2D Chau Zhong May Linda, 3A Au Tsz Ling

Photo 4

Students getting outstanding results in the 2019 Science Assessment Test

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