Key Learning Area

Personal, Social & Humanities Education


Students are expected to be able to

  • ask questions by using “what”, “where” and “why” which will enable them to build a framework for organizing and interpreting knowledge about the world in geographical perspectives.
  • understand spatial concepts of location, spatial interaction, region, perception, which help explain the distribution of features on the earth’s surface from the local through regional or national to global scales.
  • collect, extract and arrange spatial information from a variety of sources in order to interpret various types of geographical patterns.
  • understand the features of students’ immediate surroundings and major issues of global concern.
  • become aware of the fragility of the environment and appreciate the need of promoting sustainable development.
  • develop a willingness to use knowledge for the betterment of society and nation; and commit to actions conductive to a better environment.

Department Members


Department Head

Mrs Lam Law Wai King


Mrs Yuen Wong Sau Lai

Miss Leung Lai Kwan Florence

Academic Activities

1. Measuring & Collecting Data

2. Working on Data Collected

3. Collecting Data

4. S4-S5 Group Photo

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