Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

Team Composition 

Chairperson Mr. Lau Yip Tak Lawrence
Members Mr. Lau Hiu Long Francis
  Miss Liu Wing Sum
  Mr Hui Hon Kwan
  Miss Liu Wing Sum
  Mr Ho Ho Yin
  Mr Yueng Yun Loong

 Missions & Objectives

  1. To provide students with the opportunity to organize and participate in extra-curricular activities, through which to build up students’ self-efficacy and their sense of belonging to school.
  2. To provide different channels for students to develop and cultivate their leadership qualities.

  3. To collaborate with different student organizations and serve the school community.

Organizations and Teams

Student Union


Christian Fellowship



Sports Activities Committee




Table Tennis





Handbells and Handchimes





Carmel Infotainment Network (CIN)

English Debating





Career Counselling Group

English Ambassadors




Putonghua Ambassadors

Scouts & Venture Scouts



Chinese Drama

English Drama





Student-initiated activities

Art Club

Chess Club

Origami Class

Swedish Class

Carmel’s Got Talent

Transport Society

Inauguration of Student Leaders 

Every January, our student leaders from the Student Union, the Prefect Team, the Christian Fellowship, the Four Houses, the Scouts, different sports teams, music teams and other school teams and organizations gather and take their oath in front of all schoolmates in the morning assembly. In their oath, they promise that they will spend their greatest effort to serve their schoolmates so as to help them enrich their learning experience in school.

We are in one family


Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

The leadership training day camp is held every December. Apart from public speaking skills, student leaders are also reminded of the ethics in the use of social media and mass emails. According to participants’ feedback, the training for public speaking and the sharing by the past Student Union Chairperson are the most helpful.

LDP brings good memories
LDP checkpoint games
LDP is fun
LDP We need team work
Leadership Development Programme Camp (1)


Training for Class Leaders

Members of the Class Association are key persons in their class. The training is arranged in the beginning of every school year for Form 1 class leaders. The workshop helps student leaders in the class recognize the importance of their role and it also aims at encouraging them to bring about positive influence to classmates and build a better class together.

Training for all S1 class leaders

Students have a mock class association meeting

Leadership Training Day Camp

Student leaders learning public speaking together

Learning problem-solving in case studies

Student leaders are ready to lead and serve

Talents Spot

The Talents Spot is a lunch time event held once or twice every term and it provides a platform for Carmelians to showcase their talents to their schoolmates. Band shows, rope skipping and story-telling are some performances that our schoolmates will not forget.

Talents spot band show

Talents spot rope skipping


Education Bureau, HKSAR Government

School Activities Guidelines


Hong Kong Extra-curricular Activities Masters Association


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