English Drama Team

English Drama Team 

Speak Up – Act Out! Improvised Drama Competition

Two S1 and two S2 students of the English Drama Team participated in the improvised drama competition (“2020/21 Speak Up – Act Out! On Air!”, 1-day category) held in March 2021 and got the First Prize.  The competition was organized by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section, Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), Education Bureau.

The winners created a thoroughly enjoyable, high-quality piece of radio drama about a hacked robot.  The sound effects they chose had definitely created excitement in the story, as well as creating different atmospheres.

Winners of SUAO with Principal Ng (first from right) and the advisor Mrs. May Wong


In March 2021, the advisor and one junior form drama student were invited by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section, Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), Education Bureau to share their experience on the 1-day Improvised SO-AU! event. The topic was ‘Create, collaborate, innovate’.



In April 2021, the winners of “2020/21 Speak Up – Act Out! On Air!” (1-day category) Improvised Drama Competition and their advisor Ms. May Wong went to CUHK to visit Dr. Becky Cheung from the Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP).  The members shared their experience of the drama competition and interviewed Dr Cheung about how they can improve their English skills.  She advised them to start an ‘English Free Talk Club’.  During the club meetings, they can talk about any topic they want in English.  This can train their oral skills and improve their intonation.

Junior form drama students interviewed Dr. Becky Cheung (third from right) about English learning


13th Radio Drama Competition

The representatives of Smart Education Charitable Foundation visited our school on 8th July, 2021 and presented the trophy, certificates and souvenirs to the school and the winners of the 13th Radio Drama Competition. The Principal, the advisor Mrs. May Wong and the awardees of the competition were interviewed about different measures that our school adopts to motivate students and improve their language skills, as well as the experiences the teacher and students gained from the competition. The interview has been uploaded onto the organization’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpaQO_qtQww

Principal Ng (middle), advisor and awardees in the prize giving ceremony

Advisor and winners of 13th Radio Drama Competition interviewed by Smart Education Charitable Foundation

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