Student Development

Disciplinary & Moral Education Committee

Team Composition 

Chairperson: Mrs. Lau Au Yeung Kwei Fong
Vice-chairperson: Mr. Wong Lun Shan


Mr. Lau Chi Ming

Mr. Tsang Hon Kwong

Miss Cheng Shing Lai

Mrs. Shek Yung Lai Fan Selina

Miss Ng Miu Yee (Ad-hoc member)

Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan (Ex-officio)

Form 1 Disciplinary Coordinator: Mrs. Lau Au Yeung Kwei Fong
Form 2 Disciplinary Coordinator: Mr. Wong Lun Shan
Form 3 Disciplinary Coordinator: Mrs. Shek Yung Lai Fan Selina
Form 4 Disciplinary Coordinator: Miss Cheng Shing Lai
Form 5 Disciplinary Coordinator: Mr. Lau Chi Ming
Form 6 Disciplinary Coordinator: Mr. Tsang Hon Kwong

Disciplinary Committee

Missions & Objectives:

  • To build up and maintain a favorable school environment for learning and teaching.
  • To instill moral and civic values in students, and to groom them to become youth with self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and integrity.

Moral and Value Education Activities:



































Prefect Team