Career and Life Planning

Career & Life Planning Committee

Team Composition

Chairperson Miss Lee Yuk Yi Shirman
Vice Chairperson Mrs Koo Kho Rebecca
Members Mrs. Pun Cheung Yee Shan
Mr. Lee Kai Sum
Mrs. Poon Tse Ka Yuk Carrie
Mr. Yuen Chin Ming
Miss Ng Miu Yee (Ad-hoc member)
Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan (Ex-officio)



Missions and Objectives

  • To develop students’ understanding of their interests, potential, abilities, needs and priorities in relation to further study, vocational training and job opportunities

  • To equip students with knowledge about various study paths and the world of work and instill in them proper attitudes towards study and work

  • To enhance students’  career-related competencies/ skills in order to prepare them for further studies and/ or for work as well as for life-long learning

Future Stars – Upward Mobility Scholarship

Congratulations to Chiu Adam and Chau Yu Tsang, who were awarded the scholarship to help them achieve their full potential.




The 32nd Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students Selection

Mai Ching Yin was one of the top 20 finalists of 32nd Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Outstanding Students Selection after a few rounds of selection. Congratulations!



CUHK Children Eye Care Research and Community Programme

For two consecutive years our S4 students joined CUHK Eye Care Research and Community Programme, during which they assisted the researchers conduct optical check-ups with the children. What a meaningful activity.

Eye Care 1
Eye Care 2

Career Week

Career Week is one of the themed weeks in our school and messageson the theme are delivered to the whole student body in the assemblies, lunch time activities and after-school talks/visits. The Week serves as a hidden curriculum, enriching form based career and life planning education. The most recent one was Creativity and Innovation @ Work.

Career Week 1
Career Week 2
Career Week 3
Career Week 1
Career Week 2
Career Week 3
Career Week 4


Caring School Award

本校榮獲2015年度「關愛校園獎勵計劃」之推動生涯規劃主題大獎。「關愛校園獎勵計劃」香港基督教服務處舉辦,公開表揚積極推廣及實踐關愛文化及表現突出的學校。評審團就學校的關愛工作按以下五個範疇作評選,包括推動關愛校園的信念(Belief);領導者的領導才能 (Leadership);有利孕育關愛校園文化配套、制度、氣氛等環境因素 (Environment);對有需者的實質支援 (Support);樂意交流分享的能力 (Sharing)這些條件簡稱為BLESS

Efforts put together
Efforts put together



Life Camp

Life Camp, a school-based career intervention, is pivotal to individual student planning and career guidance in S5 and S6.  Run in its eighth year, the camp is themed on life planning and team building.  In the camp, students discuss their career test results in relation to their academic and career goals, prepare for transition challenges, explore career options by meeting alumni of different study and work backgrounds, build team spirit and most importantly have fun.

Life Camp 1
Life Camp 2
Life Camp 3
Life Camp 4

Interview Skills Workshop

Every year in May, representatives from the university are invited to speak to the S6 studetns on how to prepare for admission interviews and a bunch of alumni served as interviewers for over a hundred participants in various disciplines like Arts, Business, Engineering, Health Care, Science and Social Science.  The participants, dressed in smart casual, were well prepared and serious about preparing for their future.

Interview 1 copy
Interview 2
Interview 3
Interview 4


Mentorship Programme

Close to two hundred S4 students in the past few years enrolled on the programme on a voluntary basis.  There was a specific theme each year.  The student participants were matched with the mentees and a workshop on how to conduct an interview and write an article was held to prepare the students.   After meeting up with their mentors, the students said that they felt encouraged and inspired to make plans for their future career and to overcome the hurdles along the way.  Their articles were published, which was a great encouragement.

Mentorship 1
Mentorship 1
Mentorship 2
Mentorship 3

Useful Links

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Hok Yau Club
Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters
Hong Kong Education Web
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