Counselling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance Committee

Team Composition


Mrs. Chow Lo Yuen Shan

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Leung Chi Yuen



1 Miss Hung Wai Fan
2 Miss Chan Hau Yin
3 Mr. Leung Chi Yuen
4 Mrs. Ng Lee Chui Chun
5 Mrs. Chow Lo Yuen Shan
6 Mrs. Ng Lee Chui Chun

Social Worker

Mr. Wong Kwok Fai, Miss Chung Mei Na

Student Counsellor

Miss Wong Ho Hing

Ad-hoc member

Miss Ng Miu Yee


Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan

Friday 鬆一Zone

A platform for fun, relaxation and connectedness among students and teachers at the end of the week.

Carmelians, who haven’t met face-to-face for over 3 months, were reconnected again!

Group members designed fun games for fellows schoolmates.

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