Counselling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance Committee

Team Composition


Mrs. Chow Lo Yuen Shan

Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Yuen Hung Wai Fan



1 Miss Chan Hau Yin
2 Mr. Leung Chi Yuen
3 Mrs. Ng Lee Chui Chun
4 Mrs. Chow Lo Yuen Shan
5 Mrs. Yuen Hung Wai Fan
6 Mrs. Ng Lee Chui Chun

Social Worker

Mr. Wong Kwok Fai, Miss Chung Mei Na

Student Counsellor

Miss Wong Ho Ching

Ad-hoc member

Miss Ng Miu Yee


Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan

S3 Affective Education

Group members grow mature when they serve. They showed their respect and gratitude to teachers and janitors by cooking sweet soup and making cookies for them.

Friday Board Game Zone

Expressive Arts Workshop

A series of workshop was organized after school and on Post-examination Activity Days. Students did not only have fun, but experienced the moments of expressing feelings and ideas through art work.





Students geared up with the Elderly Simulation Suit and experience the daily life of an elderly person.


Healthy Living Days

Manage mental health

Through activities like board games, DIY workshops, puzzles and drawing etc., students enjoyed fun and relaxing time, as well as connectedness with classmates and teachers.


Counselling Week

Manage Relationships – Counselling Week

Highlight of the Week was a drama ‘File for Justice’ presented by teachers to review sex education of Carmel as well as proper attitude towards sex of the youth. Students enjoyed the show and made sincere reflections on the topic.






S1 Orientation Day

S1 orientation day (1)
S1 orientation day (2)


S.1 Orientation Lunch Gathering

Lunch gathering with class teachers and peer counsellors were held in September. This provided a chance for different parties to get to know each other better. The students got along well with the peer counsellors and were very willing to share with them.

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Chatting with big brothers and sisters

S.1 Sex Education Workshop

The team invited End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation to conduct a workshop for S1 students. Students learned about the proper attitudes towards sex and ways to protect themselves against sexual abuse.


Role Play

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