Counselling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance Committee

Team Composition


Mr. Leung Chi Yuen



1 Miss Hung Wai Fan
2 Miss Liu Wing Sum
3 Miss Wong Ho Hing
4 Mr. Leung Chi Yuen
5 Miss Chan Hau Yin Jacqueline
6 Miss Tsang Yu Ching

Social Worker

Mr. Wong Kwok Fai, Miss Chung Mei Na Cindy

S1 students receive a warm welcome as senior students guide them through various activities to help them become familiar with the campus and community.

A month into the school year, S1 students unite for a delightful lunch reunion, brimming with games, laughter, and thoughtful gifts graciously provided by their senior form counterparts.

A platform for fun, relaxation and connectedness among students and teachers at the end of the week.

A hands-on workshop offers students a chance to unwind and practice stress management by creating their own resin shakers.

The theme week fosters the importance of self-care through engaging talks, interactive game booths, and heartfelt song dedications.

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Student Mental Health Information Online

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