English Debating Team

English Debating Team 英文辯論隊

The English Debating Team has continued its keen participation in a vast variety of inter-school English debating contests and reaped good results throughout the years. What is more uplifting this year is that our debaters do not only triumph as a team, but also rise as eloquent speakers with much confidence and individuality which earns them multiple Top Speaker awards in various major debating tournaments.


I. Senior Debating Championships

Our Team has gradually made it a custom in recent years to take part in tournaments of more advanced levels, such as those adopting the World Schools Debating style, in addition to the locally-familiar Asia-Australia one. The bi-yearly Senior Debating Championships is a case in point.

5B Isaac Lee, 6B David Tse and 5A June Kan debating in the quarter-finals in the Senior Debating Championships

Senior debaters participating in the quarter-finals in the Senior Debating Championships


II. Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition

Our Debating Team continues to join in this competition and the S3 debaters made their debut performance on Zoom when face-to-face competition cannot be done during the pandemic.

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