Key Learning Area

Personal, Social & Humanities Education


  • to arouse and develop students’ interest in the past;
  • to help students understand the present in the context of the past;
  • to contribute to students’ knowledge and understanding of their own community and culture, as well as other major cultures of the world;
  • to develop a range of skills which can foster critical thinking, making sound judgements and effective communication;
  • to enhance the ability to develop personal and social values through encouraging an awareness and appreciation of the past.

Department Members

Department Head:

Mrs Chow Lo Yuen Shan


Mrs Koo Kho Rebecca

Mrs Poon Tse Ka Yuk Carrie

Academic Activities

History Game Booth – Leaders in History

matching game

matching game

Mr and Ms History Election

Mr and Ms History Election

qualities of a leader

Qualities of a leader

S3 subject leaders

S3 subject leaders


S3 Inter-class Historic Speech Competition


I am Franklin D. Roosevelt copy

I am Franklin D. Roosevelt

Talented speakers copy

Talented speakers

Heritage Tour to Central

Heritage Tour to Central copy

Visit to the History Museum Exhibition:

An age of Luxury – the Assyrians to Alexander

Visit to the History Museum copy