Key Learning Area

Mathematics Education


1.1   To train students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics learning. Especially, Level 2 result in DSE mathematics paper is required in university application.

1.2   To train students to develop the specified generic skills, problem solving abilities and the abilities to analyze, process and validate data.

1.3   To develop in students self-learning abilities in mathematics and to acquire mathematical knowledge in the IT environment.

1.4   To develop in students capabilities to use mathematics to formulate and solve problems in other subjects and daily life.

1.5  To nourish the mathematical thinking of students and develop students’ potential in mathematics.

Department Members


Department Coordinator

Mr. Wong Chi Hang


Mr. Wong Kin Ki

Ms. Cheng Shing Lai

Mr. Yuen Chin Ming

Ms. Liu Wing Sum

Mr. Chan Chi Hin

Mr. Leung Chi Yuen

Mr. Lee Kai Sum

Mr. Leung Chung Yat

Outstanding Achievements

38th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad

Best Performance(Paper 2)              

5D Leung Chiu Yat

Third-class Honour Certificate

5D Chan Hei Tung


International Mathematical Olympiad

Preliminary Selection Contest – Hong Kong 2021

Honourable Mention

5D Leung Chiu Yat


The 21st HK Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest (Po Leung Kuk)

2nd Class Honour:

3B Wong Tsz Shing

3B Chiu Arnold

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