Civic Education

Civic Education Committee

Team Composition 

Chairperson Miss Wong Mei Sze
Vice chairperson Mrs. Chung Lo Lai Shuen
Members Ms. Mok Lai Sang
Mrs. Wong Tang Poon Lin
Mr. Lau Ho Yin
Mrs. Yuen Wong Sau Lai
Miss Ng Miu Yee (Ad-hoc member)
Mrs Chan Wong King Shan (Ex-officio)

 Mission and Objectives:

  1. Nurture students to have a positive value system and positive attitude.
  2. Encourage students to care for Hong Kong, and cultivate among students a stronger sense of belonging to China and be aware of their national identity.
  3. Teach students the importance of environmental protection and encourage students to participate in recycling and using resources well.
  4. Encourage students to join social services and be volunteers, which helps them to become pillars of society in the future.

Low Carbon Activities (低碳活動)

Low Carbon Day (低碳日)


Hydroponics 水耕

Drama-sustainable development 可持續發展話劇

The Green Earth Project 綠地球計劃



National Education 國民教育

國家安全教育活動 基本法填字遊戲比賽


Social Service 社會服務

Inclusion Experiential Activities 傷健共融體驗活動

Poverty Experiential Activities 體驗貧窮活動


Outstanding Achievements 傑出表現

2021 “National Security Education Day” Online competition


The competition is organised by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau and was completed in December 2021.
Two of our students were awarded the certificates of appreciation:
5A Yam Tsz Ying from Class     6B Sze King Shing from Class


本校有2位同學獲嘉許狀:5A 任芷盈     6B 施璟成

Basic Law Student Ambassadors Training Programme “Question and Answer Design Campaign for Knowing Your Country on Constitution Day”

《基本法》學生校園大使培訓計劃 2022「憲法日認識國家 問答設計大行動」

4D Wan Chiu Tung from received the “Best Performance Award for Secondary School Students”.
4D 萬昭彤同學獲得「中學組學生最佳表現獎」

6D Andy Tsang has been awarded 2022 CYC Outstanding Member.

6D曾志鵬 獲得2022年公益少年團傑出團員








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4. 香港物種

5. 龍虎山環境教育中心


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