This level concerns the provision of pull-out programmes to develop gifted learners’ generic skills and abilities in specific domains such as Mathematics, Science and Humanities. Students with high ability can receive systematic training in a specific area so that their potential can be developed into flourishing talents.


The Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Science Education KLAs offer enhancement classes for S1 to S3 students with high academic performance. The enrichment class is held regularly within the school timetable in smaller class size (about 10-20 students). It provides enrichment and extension to the curriculum and learning opportunities with peers with similar ability and interest. Students are chosen based on their academic performance and interests.

Learning focus of the enrichment classes are as follows:

Subject Learning Focus
中文 主題寫作、古典文學、文言文閱讀、現當代文學及綜合語文能力訓練

Translation – advanced sentence structure and vocabulary

English Drama – various drama elements such as scriptwriting and dramatisation

Debating – debating skills and critical thinking

Literature – reading skills and the ability to appreciate literature

Mathematics Enrichment and extension of curriculum, challenging questions and mathematical thinking skills
Science Scientific Inquiry, STEM activity and Design Thinking Programme


The Elite Programme coordination Committee has also co-operated with departments of different KLAs to organize school-based pull-out programmes for the gifted or students with outstanding academic performance. These courses are mostly designed and monitored by teachers and taught by experienced hired tutors. Students with relevant strengths and interests are invited to join the courses, which are free of charge.

Some academic courses offered in recent years are as follows:

Title of Programme Objectives
茶藝班 學習中國傳統文化
小記者訓練班 讓同學學習寫作及採訪等技巧
Mock Trial To increase students’ understanding of the criminal justice system and to enhance the logical thinking skills and boosts the self-confidence of our students.
Business Proposal Writing and Presentation Training Workshop To enhance students’ case analytical skills, presentation and business writing skills
Consumer Culture Study Award Team To stimulate creativity and interest on issues including consumer responsibility and to train students’ concepts and skills in conducting and presenting consumer culture studies
English Debating Course To enhance students’ English debating skills and public speaking skills
English Writing Vourse To equip students with more advanced writing skills, which include topic analysis, paragraphing, polishing sentence patterns, better vocabulary choice, etc.
ICT Programming Course To prepare students for computing contest on advanced topics, such as data structures and algorithms
Hong Kong Physics Olympiad training class To provide enriched, extended and accelerated training for students with giftedness in Physics
Geography Olympiad Training Course To consolidate students’ geographical concepts and to prepare students for Geography Olympiad

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