Level 2C and 2D

This level concerns the provision of pull-out programmes to develop gifted learners’ generic skills (Level 2C) and abilities in specific domains such as Mathematics, Science and Humanities (Level 2D).

The Extra-Curricular Activities Committee conducts pull-out leadership training courses each year for budding student leaders of different student associations. The Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Science Education KLAs offer enhancement classes for S1 to S3 students with strong academic performance. The Elite Programme coordination Committee has co-organized with departments of different KLAs to offer pull-out courses to cater for the diverse learning needs of the gifted or students with outstanding academic performance. Those students are invited to join the courses which are totally free of charge. These courses are mostly held at school and taught by experienced hired tutors. Courses offered in 2018-2019 are as follows:


Title of Programmes Form Objective
中文寫作訓練班 S5-S6 透過導師的指導及觀摩同儕的佳作,提升同學的寫作能力及對寫作的興趣。
Vocal elite training course S4-S6 To train them as the vocal leaders of the school choir for various performances in school
Business proposal writing and presentation training workshop S4-S5 To enhance students’ case analytical skills, presentation and business writing skills
English Debating Course S4-S6 To enhance students’ English debating skills and public speaking skills
English writing course S5 To equip students with more advanced writing skills, which include topic analysis, paragraphing, polishing sentence patterns, better vocabulary choice, etc.
ICT01 C++ Programming Course S4-S5 To prepare higher achieving students for the HKOI contest 2018 held in Nov and Dec and Canadian Computing Contest held in Feb 2019 on advanced topics, such as data structures and algorithms
Hong Kong Physics Olympiad training class S2-S4 To provide enriched, extended and accelerated training for students with giftedness in Physics
STEM workshop S2-S5 To provide enriched, extended and accelerated training for students in STEM education
Elite Athlete Programme S4-S5 To encourage the elite students to receive advanced and comprehensive training apart from regular sports team training and to equip students with specific type of sports skills


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