Religious Affairs

Religious Affairs Committee

Team Composition (2016-17)

Chairperson: Mr. Wong Kin Ki
Vice-Chairperson: Ms. Tsang Kit Lan

Mrs. Kan Lam Wai Yi

Mrs. Au Cheung Suk Yee

Mr. Lee Che Wah

Mr. Wong Fuk Wing

Miss Wu Ka Wai (Ad-hoc member)

Miss Amanda Ng (Church of Mount Carmel)

Miss Ng Miu Yee (Ex-officio)

Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan (Ex-officio)

Missions & Objectives:
  • To help students seek the truth, purpose and goal in their lives in a liberal atmosphere.
  • To spread the gospel and lead students to Christ.
  • To teach students the moral standard and proper values of Christianity so that students can have good Christian conduct and self-discipline.
  • To nurture Christian students’ spiritual lives so that they can grow in faith, hope and love.


Regular Activities

1. Bible Study Session in Class Teacher Period

Students can choose either moral education session or Bible study session, which are both conducted by class teachers during Class Teacher Period once a cycle. In the Bible study session, students can know more about the teaching of the Bible and apply Biblical truth to their daily lives.

2. Morning Devotion

Students and teachers start their new days with reading the Bible and praying to God quietly and independently. Different guide books for reading the Bible are provided to those in need.

Time: 7:30 – 7:50 a.m.

Venue: Room 101

Teacher in charge: Mrs. Kan Lam Wai Yi












3. Christian Fellowship

There are Christian fellowship gatherings every Thursday. Students are welcome to join.


Junior Christian Fellowship

For S1 and S2 students

Time: 3:45 – 4:45 (Winter Time) 3:15 – 4:15 (Summer Time)

Venue: Hall

Aim: To let students know more about Christianity and the gospel, and nurture Christians to have spiritual growth

Activities: Hymn singing, video appreciation, message sharing, group discussion, bible study, games, sharing and praying

Advisors:   Mrs. Kan Lam Wai Yi, Miss Tsang Kit Lan, Mrs. Lee Lau Kit Kum, Mr. Tang Chung Pui, Miss Lai Hau Yan, Miss Poon Yuen Mei, Miss Leung Yuen Man, Miss Amanda Ng(Church of Mount Carmel), Miss Maggie Tsui(Church of Mount Carmel), Miss Tammy Lui(Church of Mount Carmel), Miss Lo Chung Man(Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church)


Senior Christian Fellowship

For S3 to S6 students

Time: 3:45 – 5:15 (Winter Time) 3:15 – 4:45 (Summer Time)

Venue: Hall 2

Theme: Plugged Into God

Aim: Challenge students to grow spiritually and serve the Lord.

Activities: Hymn singing, video appreciation, message sharing, group discussion, bible study, games, sharing and praying. There are monthly lunch gatherings in which we have lunch together in the Hall and listen to a short message after game time and worship.

Committee: We have fellowship committee formed by students. They are responsible for the planning of  activities throughout the year. Through serving, they will be trained to be future leaders. The committee members are as follows:

Chairperson: Chong Tsz Hong (4C)

Vice Chairperson: Sin Hiu Ching(4D)

Vice Chairperson: Chan Ka Wai (3C)

Secretary : Tsoi Ho Wan (4B)

Treasurer  : Wong Ka Chau (4D)

Promotion Secretary: Kan Pik Kwan (3A), Man Tsun Ho (3D)

General Affairs Secretary: Tsang Ling Ho (3B), Yeung Chun Wing (3D)

Worship Coordinator: Au Kwan Yi (3B)

Advisors: Miss Wu Ka Wai, Mr. Wong Kin Ki, Mr. Lee Che Wah, Mr. Hui Chun Kit, Mr. Chan Min Chung













Special events and activities

 1. Staff Retreat

Date: 22–24/8/2016

Venue: Hong Kong Award for Young People – Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp

Theme: Stay Close to God, Stay Fresh!

Activities: Hymn singing, message sharing, bible study, free sharing, meditation, praying

Speaker: Rev. Suen Kwok Kwan













2. Carmel Christian Conference

Date: 22/9/2016

Time: 3:15 – 4:30

Every year, we have Carmel Christian Conference in September. We aim to call all Carmel Christians together and encourage each other to be witnesses of Jesus in the campus. This year, we introduced our new activity, the “Carmel Prayer Campaign”. Christian students and teachers are encouraged to pray regularly for the school regarding spiritual matters. Students and teachers have signed up to pray for the school at least three days within one year so that there is at least one person praying for the school every day.















3. Gospel Week

Date: 1–10/11/2016

Theme: The Holy Spirit and me

Aim: Through the sharing of messages in morning assemblies, short assemblies and long assemblies, students had the chance to know more about the greatness and salvation of Jesus.

Some new discipleship training groups for Christian students have been set up along with those already existing in the past. Over ninety students participate in these groups. Teachers and co-workers from the church are responsible for leading them during lunch time such that they can continue to grow in Christ.











4. Christmas Service

Date: 20/12/2016

Through hymn singing by the choir and congregation, and sharing by Ms. Amanda Ng, students were led to know the true meaning of Christmas.


5. S1 Growth Camp

Date: 11–13/1/2017

Venue: Hong Kong Baptist Assembly

Speaker: Dr. Wong Yiu Chuen

Through message sharing, team building activities, bible study, personal sharing with teachers, night show, students came to know more about themselves and Christ.



6. S2 – 3 Edifying Camp

Date: 13–14/1/2017

Venue: Hong Kong Baptist Assembly

Through message sharing, bible study, personal sharing with teachers, Christian students were encouraged to lead a life of dedication for God.


7. School Prayer Day

Date: 19/1/2017

Time: 3:45 – 5:00

Carmel is a school which is built and sustained by unceasing prayers. We set aside a day at the beginning of each year to pray for the school regarding gospel work, teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities, our students and teachers as well as other issues.


8. Easter Assembly

Date: 10/4/2017

Teachers and students will have the chance to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection and make resolutions to lead a meaningful life for Him.


9. Week of Religion

Date: 24/4–2/5/2017

Theme: Experiencing God Everywhere

Through the sharing of messages in morning assemblies, short assemblies and long assemblies, we encouraged students to experience our God of omnipresence in every aspect of their lives. We were glad to have our three alumni Cheng Enoch Victor, Tsai Fei Fei and Tse Cheuk Yu as guest speakers to share their testimonies in the Long Assemblies.

The Gospel Café was introduced again during the Week of Religion so that teachers and students had a chance to share on religious issues after having lunch together. About 110 students and over 20 teachers had joined this activity.


10. Short Mission Trip to Cambodia

Date: 30/6–5/7/2017

26 S3 to S6 students as well as Mrs. Chan Wong King Shan, Miss Wu Ka Wai, Miss Tsang Kit Lan, Mr. Hui Chun Kit, Mr. Wong Kin Ki and our School Social Worker, Mr. Wong Kwok Fai will go for a short mission trip to Cambodia. There are some students and teachers from Carmel Divine Grace Secondary School to be with us in the trip.