English Debating Team

The English Debating Team has continued its keen participation and impressive performance in a wide range of territory-wide debating contests of various formats, be it the Australia-Asia style (aka the local 3-on-3 one), the World Schools Debating style or the British Parliamentary style, fully embodying the school’s major concern ‘Go the Extra Mile’.


The 13th Senior Debating Championship (SDC), March 2017

Since last year, our Team has leaped from the comfort zone by participating in debating tournaments that are much more challenging yet embraced by the international circuit. One of such is the Senior Debating Championship (SDC) usually joined by international schools and established schools in the territory. The SDC adopts the World Schools Debating (WSD) style with 8 preliminary rounds, two of which were impromptu, in two days on a range of profound international issues covering political, military, diplomatic, economic, moral areas and so on. Debaters had to deliver 8-minute speeches and make spontaneous responses to Points of Information (POIs) from the opponents in each round.

From the Best New Team last year, our senior debaters reach another height this year by breaking into Final round and snatching all top three speakers’ awards in the ESL Division. The Top Speaker (ESL) went to our former Captain 5C Tiffany Lam, the 2nd Top Speaker to 4B David Tse and the 3rd Top Speaker to 3B Natalie Mai. Our Team eventually beat La Salle College in the Final (ESL Division) and was crowed the Champion!

The members in the SDC were 5C Lam Tiffany Wing Ching, 4B Tse David, 4C Wong Lok Ching Kylie, 3A Kan Pik Kwan June, 3B Mai Ching Yin Natalie and 3D Lee Wing Ho Isaac


The 14th Junior Debating Championship (JDC), April 2017

Following the footsteps of their seniors, our junior debaters also took part in the World Schools style tournament, the 14th Junior Debating Championship (JDC). Our juniors nailed the eight grueling preliminary rounds and got into the break-rounds. Our junior team eventually beat Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) in the Semi-final and was awarded the First runner-up after matching against King’s College in the Final.

The members in the JDC were 3A Kan Pik Kwan June, 3B Mai Ching Yin Natalie and 3D Lee Wing Ho Isaac, 2A Lee Yan Ho Mark, 2A Ng Siu Fung Clayton, 2C Chang Lok To Natalie, 2C Yau Kin Hei Felix and 2D Yip Tin Lam Jora.


Team Hong Kong trial

To leap further, our debating veteran 4B David Tse was nominated by the school in the Team Hong Kong 2017 selection for the World Schools Debating Championships 2017. David got shortlisted as one of the 16 finalists and had an eye-opening day with the top-notch high school debaters in the territory.


Other Debating Contests

In addition to the two debating tournaments above, our Team has continued joining other inter-school English debating contests adopting the more locally familiar Asia-Australia format. We have also done satisfactorily and got acknowledged as the best debaters in the many rounds.

Debating Contest Award/ Ranking Debaters
Hong Kong Barrister Association Inter-school English Debating Contest 2016-2017 Quarter-finalist

5C Lam Tiffany Wing Ching

4B Tse David

3A Kan Pik Kwan, June

3D Lee Wing Ho, Isaac

Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union English Debating Competition (S.2 EMI Division) Quarter-finalist

2A Ng Siu Fung, Clayton

2A Lee Yan Ho, Mark

2C Chang Lok To, Natalie

2C Yau Kin Hei, Felix

2D Yip Tin Lam, Jora


3A June Kan powerfully rebutting debaters from Wong Fut Nam College
3A June Kan powerfully rebutting debaters from Wong Fut Nam College
4B Cordelia Chan debating in the HKSS English Debate Competition against St. Magaret’s
5C Tiffany Lam debating in the SDC Final (ESL Division) against La Salle College
Crowned Champion in the Senior Debating Championship
Junior debaters in the JDC
Snatching all top three speakers’ awards (ESL Division) in the SDC
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