Principal’s Message (July 2017)

Message from the Principal

The theme of this issue, Building Connectedness, is one target of our 2015-18 School Development Plan.  We are fully aware that the school is not only a place of academic learning, but  also one  of socialization for young people.  Positive relationships, a sense of belonging, inclusion and active participation are crucial for a student’s socio-emotional development.  It is such positive day-to-day interactions and participation that build respect, trust, empathy, autonomy, responsibility and self-efficacy.  Ultimately, as documented in extensive research, connectedness promotes positive mental health and wellbeing, and improves educational outcomes.


A question that pops up must be: How effective is it in Carmel?  The articles in this issue tell the answer.  Other than that, the annual survey Assessment Program for Affective and Social Outcomes (APASO) conducted this January revealed consistently positive responses from students, particularly in teacher-student relationships and peer relationships.  The vibrancy of the campus during recesses, lunchtime and after school hours, when students actively engage in extracurricular activities is also solid evidence.  Carmel underwent External School Review in mid-October 2016 and the reviewers commended on our work and appreciated that we are heading towards a right direction.


Our vision is that every Carmel student feels connected and empowered to make informed decisions.  They  are not withdrawn into themselves but reach out to their parents and family, to the school community, to God, to our neighbourhood and to the wider world around.

                                                                                                                                                                Ng Miu Yee Maria