Animal Conductors

February 22, 2008 Administrator 0

I have a colourful parrot, an intelligent parrot.She is kind and wears a beautiful cloak.She conducts the 2D birdies to learn English in an accelerando.Her baton keeps our English precise. I call her Mrs. Kan.

I have a cool aristocrat, a handsome aristocrat.He is scherzando and wears elegantly as a p.........

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A happy learning experience

February 22, 2008 Administrator 0

Last Friday was the ‘Learning Without Walls’ day. We went to the Wetland Park.

First, we had to go for a walk to observe the animals near the wetland and the other creatures.

We walked on a bridge and saw a lot of lotus. They were so beautiful. In Chinese, there is a poem about lotus. It says that lotu.........

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‘A Christmas Carol’

February 22, 2008 Administrator 0

Rewriting the Endin

The originalThe meanest man in London, Scrooge, met three spirits on Christmas Eve. They showed him his past, present and future. Because no one liked him, no one came to his grave after he died… He corrected himself finally.

The new endingAfter Scrooge realized how important Ch.........

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Shop Alert!

February 22, 2008 Administrator 0

Just as I was about to leave, I saw someone with a torch walk carefully through the back of the shop. The strange shop attracted my curiosity. So, I wanted to see what happened in the shop. But my friend, Betty was frightened when she saw someone walking through the back of the shop. She thought the.........

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What is the most important thing in your life?

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0
I think Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life. I became a Christian when I was in primary six. I study the Bible and pray every day so that I think Jesus Christ is a part of my life. I think that going to church is very meaningful. If I have any problems, I can pray. I think Jesus Chri.........Read More

Robin Hood

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

Robin HooBook Repor

Who was he? He was poor but brave. He escaped to Sherwood Forest with a few of his loyal servants. He wanted to be revenged on the brutal sheriff so he used to get from the rich to help the poor. He was a legendary and real hero, Robin Hood.

Robin became an orphan when he was onl.........

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Picnic Day

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0
That day was a sunny dayAll 1D classmates went on picnic and play.We had barbecue for our lunchChicken wings, pork chops, fish balls, bread…Yummy!There was a beautiful beach beside the seaThe air was freshThe wind was soft.Some played volleyball under the sunSome played water to have funSome made a castle by sand.........Read More

My Hands

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

My hands are the best;

They never take a rest.

They are useful;

Also they are helpful.

They don't let me in trou

Because they can do everything I want

Playing, typing, eating&

Almost all the things.

So I need to protect them;

I need to treasure them.

They are the best, really the best.

Besides they never .........

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My Bedroom

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

My bedroom is new

And the things there are cute.

My bedroom is not high

Beside it is a hi-fi.

There are clothes everywhere

But I don't c

A fan standing behind my bed

And also a Pikachu on my shed .

An angel has been stuck on the door

A Winnie the Pooh mat is on the floor.

Although it is a mess

My lov.........

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Honey Bees

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

HHoney bees, you are so good.

Always make some food beside the woods.

But the bears want to eat your honey.

And take away your treasure and money.

So beware of the bears.

Don't let them go away to drink beers.

Of course the honey bees won't sleep.

They are just kind as sheep.

But when someone destroys their.........

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February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

Homework is very important in school life.It always makes us go on strikeYou know I am lazyBut the homework always keeps me busy.I want to do my bestAlso I want to have a rest.Teachers always say I am carelessSo I don’t have any happHomework makes students yell loudlyStill they need to do.........

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February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

Every day is a boring day.

Wake up, wear uniform, go to school.

But, in school it is quite interesting

On Tuesdays and Wednesday

Because I am a choir member

I can sing songs to Jesus.

My voice is not so good

But I love singing very much.

Now I am preparing a Christmas son

That is a very beautiful song.


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A reporter to Carmel Sports Day

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

On 20th November and 22nd November, we had our first English Sports Days at Kowloon Tsai Park Sports Ground. They were special and not the same as those in primary school. The Sports Days were conducted in English. At the beginning, I was not used to it. But after some hours, I got used to it.

On the.........

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An adventure with Santa Claus

February 18, 2008 Administrator 0

One day, when I woke up, I felt very cold. I opened my eyes, and I saw that I was at somebody’s home. Then I looked out from the window which was near my bed. I saw all the things were covered in snow. It was very beautiful because I had never seen snow before.

Suddenly, I heard some warn laughter ou.........

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Should corporal punishment be banned?

February 5, 2008 Administrator 0
"Should corporal punishment by parents be banned" is always an arguable topic since there are both supporters and people who are against corporal punishment. Corporal punishment includes pinching, hitting or beating with a ruler or stick. Recently, there were some extreme cases of corporal.........Read More