‘A Christmas Carol’


Rewriting the Ending

The original:
The meanest man in London, Scrooge, met three spirits on Christmas Eve.  They showed him his past, present and future.  Because no one liked him, no one came to his grave after he died…  He corrected himself finally.

The new ending:
After Scrooge realized how important Christmas was, he went to his friends and relatives to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to them.  He was not mean anymore.  He donated his money to the poor and became friendly.  After a few years, on a Christmas Eve, again he met a spirit.  He had met three the previous time and they had said that they would see him again unless he changed his mind.
‘Why did the spirit come again?’ Scrooge wondered.  He felt scared and knelt before the ghost.  Oh! It was a new spirit.  Suddenly, Scrooge heard a voice, ‘I’m not a spirit.’  It became a bright light.  It was so strong that Scrooge couldn’t see anything.  ‘I am who I am,’ the sound came from the light.  Clever Scrooge knew it was God.
‘You’ve tried to be a very good man and you now realize how to enjoy Christmas and your life.  I’ll bless you!  You can go to heaven when your life ends.’
The bright light disappeared.
Scrooge remembered this forever and became even happier than before.