A happy learning experience


Last Friday was the ‘Learning Without Walls’ day.  We went to the Wetland Park.

First, we had to go for a walk to observe the animals near the wetland and the other creatures.

We walked on a bridge and saw a lot of lotus. They were so beautiful.  In Chinese, there is a poem about lotus.  It says that lotus grows from the soil but it is not polluted by the soil.  It stands straight and elegantly.  This poem just fits lotus perfectly.

We continued to walk.  We walked on another bridge.  Beside the bridge, there were many fiddler crabs and mudskippers.

I saw a lot of butterflies.  They were so beautiful!

Through this activity, my heart got closer to nature.  I understand we should protect our environment, or else, we won’t be see such a beautiful scene anymore.

My favourite thing I saw during the walk was the fiddler crab.  Although it is very tiny, it can still protect itself.  I think we should be as brave as the crabs.