Animal Conductors


I have a colourful parrot, an intelligent parrot.
She is kind and wears a beautiful cloak.
She conducts the 2D birdies to learn English in an accelerando.
Her baton keeps our English precise. I call her Mrs. Kan.

I have a cool aristocrat, a handsome aristocrat.
He is scherzando and wears elegantly as a penguin.
He conducts the 2D birdies to play in different activities’ band.
His baton keeps the band in order. I call him Mr. Chan.

I have a tame rabbit, a quiet rabbit.
She is a grazioso and wears mostly in neutral tone.
She conducts the 2D birdies to sing from different cod scores.
Her baton keeps the book tidy. I call her Mrs. Cheung.

Then there’re us.
I know what we are.
We are the sweet 2D birdies’ choir.

 accelerando — gradually getting louder ( means gradually getting louder and better)
 Scherzando — playful and joking
 grazioso – graceful