Shop Alert!


Just as I was about to leave, I saw someone with a torch walk carefully through the back of the shop.  The strange shop attracted my curiosity.  So, I wanted to see what happened in the shop.  But my friend, Betty was frightened when she saw someone walking through the back of the shop.  She thought the man might be a ghost.  But I didn’t believe that at all.  I approached the door of the shop.  I knocked it and waited for a few minutes.  However, no one came out.  This time, Betty stood at a distance from me.  She was nervous and so took out her mobile phone to call the police immediately.  At that time, I heard some noise from the shop.

I walked into the shop.  Suddenly I saw someone was here.  It was so dark that I could not see his face clearly.  I only saw a pair of bright eyes.  At that moment, I could not control myself and thumped my fist violently on his head, because I felt a little bit furious.  ‘Who…who are…you?’ I asked him with a tiny voice.  He replied, ‘I should ask you this question, silly girl!’  I was furious with his answer and suspected his identity.  We started to fight together.

After a while, we heard the sound of a police car.  Many policemen came into the shop and locked us in chains.  ‘He wanted to murder the shop owner,’ I yelled.  I told the police I went there because I had heard the burglar alarm ringing.

That ugly man also explained to the police angrily, ‘In fact, I’m the owner of the shop.  I saw a stupid mouse standing on the burglar alarm.  I wanted to catch it, but pressed the alarm button by mistake when I was trying to catch it.  I lost it and so I was looking for it with my torch because it was dark. And then this silly girl came here and fought me. How innocent!'

I felt embarrassed when I understood what had happened.  All of them were laughing at me except the owner of the shop.  He looked like a panda.  I hope he will forgive me for my bad behaviour.  I told myself I must be calm before I did anything next time!