Robin Hood


Robin Hood
Book Report

Who was he?  He was poor but brave.  He escaped to Sherwood Forest with a few of his loyal servants.  He wanted to be revenged on the brutal sheriff so he used to get from the rich to help the poor.  He was a legendary and real hero, Robin Hood.

Robin became an orphan when he was only a little child because of the cruel sheriff, who killed his father and took everything that belonged to their family.  In order to stay alive, Robin went to the forest with his servants.  When he grew up, he was strong and good at fight, especially archery.

Robin used to get money from the rich.  It riled the rich sheriffs’ nobleman and even the bad and more brutal king, John.  After his brother King Richard was gone, he became the bad king.  All of them wanted to capture Robin but did not forget the loyal friends of his.  And the story has a typical ending – King Richard came back and the country became peaceful again.

Nowadays, can you see a hero around you?  They just look like Robin, but they may not get from the rich to help you.  They just use a lot of time to look after you.  They are your heroes, but you may not know them well.  Who are they?

There are also a group of people who are serving you so hard.  Some of them put out the fire; some of them maintain the safety of Hong Kong; some of them may just clean the road…  All of them are nameless Robin Hood, too!

Do you want to be Robin?  I really want to because a hero may not need to fight with others, but basically they need to fulfil their responsibility — that is to keep on helping others.  We can’t be cold-blooded because we are human.  The main reason why Robin is popular is that he can do something we don’t dare do.  But are we right?  Why are we weak?  Why don’t we fight for justice?  Just do it!

I really hope that the spirit of Robin Hood will remain forever.  Really, do not let it stop.  And tell the others: do not be afraid of evils, but fight for the truth and righteousness of God.  That is the reason why he is so popular, because he is the embodiment of truth and righteousness.