Work-life balance


How can we become a better company?


Recently, our company has been awarded a prize for one of the 100 most successful enterprises in Hong Kong. This is a delightful encouragement to the company. Since it was established, we have been striving for excellence and efficiency. That is why our company can make good results in business. Behind the achievement, our staff are working hard for the company. However, the working atmosphere of staff makes us reflect on how a successful company should be.


Over these few years, it is observed that many people are leaving the office very late. Every day while the employees from other companies are leaving their offices in our company at 5p.m., everyone is still attached to computer screens, burying these heads in files and documents. Since there is so much work for them, they even do not have time to have some snacks or take a little rest. They work and work until eight or nine, staff at the accounting department even leave at ten most of the time. Occasionally, they have to meet clients and attend meetings after office hours. Besides, in order to meet the sales budget, people just burn the midnight oil and forsake all other personal appointments or gatherings. Working hard for the company seems to be beneficial to the company. However, it is detrimental to both the company and staff.


In fact, there are ill effects of leaving the office late. The main negative effect is that the health of staff will be affected. Long working hours without proper meals and rest will definitely disrupt the physical conditions of workers. Besides, the huge workload and continuous work exert tremendous stress on the employees. As a result, their physical and mental health are getting worse. In the long run, their productivity will fall and have an impact on the company’s result. Also, employees are less able to spend time with their families and friends due to work. Family is the greatest motivation to the workers. If the bonds between them are weakened, we are afraid that workers’ working morale will fell. Moreover, their interpersonal relationship will be affected as well. This situation will certainly impede the development of the company.


Being a large enterprise, we cannot watch the situation with folded arms. The company has to take actions to solve this problem. Here are 2 pieces of advice. First, more employees can be employed. It is shown that the situation stems from the heavy workload. So employing more workers could diverse workload and practice division of labour. Workers need not stay for a long time in the office. Second, some working steps or processes could be simplified. For example, the daily meetings can be changed to weekly meetings, so the workers could focus more on their work. These are only a few measures, more possibilities are going to be investigated.


As a successful company, other than having excellent business performance, we are also committed to improving the well-being of employees. Therefore, they can share the fruits of the company’s growth happily. It is now time to focus on the workers’ welfare and make us become a more successful company!