Work-life balance


  Leaving the office very late?

Recently, it is frequent to see that our colleagues are leaving the office very late. Some of them stay until midnight or even overnight. This is not a phenomenon we wish to see because it will definitely bring many negative effects to them personally and to our company.


Leaving the office very late will be detrimental to the staff’s health since it will shorten their time taking rest. A lack of rest will make the staff’s immunity against diseases become lower, which means that it is easier for them to get sick. They may be locked in a vicious cycle if they keep on leaving the office late. At the same time, the team morale will also be adversely affected. When more and more staff get sick easily and they cannot go to the office to work, other staff may feel like they are not working together as a team, so it will exert negative impacts on team spirit.


Not only will leaving the office very late brings negative consequences to the staff’s health and team spirit, it will also affect the working efficiency. Leaving the office very late means the staff do not get adequate rest, so the staff may not have enough energy to concentrate on their work and they may make mistakes frequently. At the same time, being not able to concentrate on their work will also lower their productivity. Therefore, the efficiency will become lower. From the above, we can see clearly the negative effects brought by the problem of many staff leaving the office very late, so here are two possible solutions that can be carried out to improve this situation.


Firstly, the company can employ more workers to share the heavy workload of the existing staff. The company could recruit more employees, so it could lighten the burden of existing staff. Then the staff could finish their work and leave the office earlier, thus they could take sufficient rest so as to avoid making expensive mistakes and hindering their work performance. This could raise the efficiency. Besides, employing new staff would be beneficial to the company as it can bring new insights, ideas and skills into the company. Therefore, hiring more workers could be one possible way to deal with the current situation.


Another solution is to set up a regulation to require the staff to leave before 10:00p.m. every day. Setting up this rule could encourage the staff to leave the office earlier or on time and to ensure that they could obtain enough rest to cope with the new challenges the next day. Then the workers are in a healthy condition and will be able to concentrate on their work, so efficiency could be raised. Therefore, setting up a regulation on leaving the office before 10:00p.m. could be one possible way to improve the current situation.



To sum up, leaving the office very late will result in negative effects on staff’s health, team spirit and efficiency. It is hoped that the efforts of the company can improve the current situation.