Work-life balance


No more overtime for workers


While our company is taking off and earning more profits, some potential problems have taken root within.


One significant problem is that many workers work around the clock and leave the office very late. When the working time officially finishes at 5pm, nobody is ready to leave. In fact, most of them are still glued to their seats in front of their computers as late as midnight. It is typically for them to order take-away meals for dinner each night at different times. Some of them may not even have the time to grab some food.


It is blatantly obvious that many of these employees cannot withstand such overwhelming amount of work. Besides yawning very often, those who cannot fight the tiredness choose to take a small nap lying on the desk, and then restart their engine right after a few minutes. Even worse, some are feeling sick and are on the edge of breaking down. They have to devour tablets of medicine in the hope of alleviating their sickness so that they can work normally.


The negative effects brought about by this situation can be disastrous. As implied above, working overtime is detrimental to the workers’ health. Without adequate rest, it is easier for them to catch a fever or a cold, driven by the fact that they have to stay in the office with poor ventilation for a long time. Eventually they will be too ill to get back to work and have to take sick leave. Even if they still struggle to work, their productivity is undoubtedly lowered.


The deteriorating quality of workers will ultimately affect the performance of the company. Not feeling well, the employees have a looser control over their temper and may get annoyed with the customers more easily. If they treat the customers badly, the image of the company will be damaged. Moreover, the lowered productivity of worker causes them to work slower, hence leaving the office even later. This vicious cycle will slow down the company’s operations. The firm will generate less profits as a result.

Actions must be taken as soon as possible to remedy the situation. Firstly, the company has to employ more workers. With more people to share the work of the business, the workload of individual workers can be decreased. While the increased salary to be paid can be fully backed up by the profits made by the company easily, the advantages of allowing employees to leave earlier for rest outweigh its costs.


As the second suggestion, seniors can take the initiative to give emotional support to the workers. Simply patting on their shoulders can let them know that their superiors appreciate their work and contribution to the company. This is essential in providing incentives for the employees to work hard, hence improving their working efficiency and work satisfaction. These positive impacts will help them finish their work faster and better without the need to burn the midnight oil.


Only by the concerted efforts made by the company and the seniors can the situation of working overtime be improved.