Biliteracy and Trilingualism Movement: One-Minute Short Film Production Competition

Students from our school participated in the “Biliteracy and Trilingualism Movement: One-Minute Short Film Production Competition” organized by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR). The project was a collaboration among the Chinese, English, and Mandarin departments and the Carmel Infotainment Network.
Among the numerous participants, S.4 students Hau Ming Yan Dora, Lau Hoi Ching, and Cheung Hoi Lam Jocelyn won the championship with their short film “Tracing the Path of Biliteracy and Trilingualism” They also received the “Best Language Performance Award” and the “Most Creative Award”.
Our school has also been awarded a commendation by SCOLAR, in recognition of our efforts in promoting biliteracy and trilingualism.
Congratulations to the students and the team of guiding teachers!

在中、英、普三科及迦密校園電視台合作下,中四級侯銘恩、劉凱晴、張凱琳在語文教育及研究常務委員會(語常會)舉辦的「兩文三語運動 : 一分鐘短片製作比賽」中榮獲高級組冠軍、「最佳語言表現獎——粵語」及「最具創意獎」三項大獎。

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