Principal’s Message (July 2018)

Message from the Principal

‘Gear Up’ and ‘Go the Extra Mile’ are the major concerns of our 2015-18 School Development Plan.  We believe that it is through experience, engagement and empowerment that one can gear up and go the extra mile.  Indeed, Experience, Engagement and Empowerment are the three levels in our Stars in Carmel Award Scheme – a whole-school student recognition scheme on student achievements and efforts to strive for improvement or excellence.   By means of Experience, we hope students can reach out and grab a learning opportunity, whether academically or non-academically.  Students head towards Engagement when they actively and regularly participate, and Empowerment when they assume planning and organization responsibilities and take up leadership roles.


There have been a great number of opportunities for students to experience, engage and be empowered throughout this school year, as is reported on in this issue.  What is particularly worth mentioning is leadership training, which is structured to groom not only senior students, but students of all levels, so that even junior students are empowered to become leaders.


Experience, Engagement and Empowerment are often complemented by Exposure.  This is why we have seized every opportunity to involve students in school events.  When Brunei’s Ministry of Education and the Under Secretary for Education visited the school, for example, students took our visitors on a campus tour, shared with them their achievements and had serious discussion with them on current topics of value.


Needless to say, Experience, Engagement, Empowerment and Exposure are equally crucial for teachers, as can be seen in this issue.  They are at the core of student growth and teacher professional development at Carmel, and will continue to be.


                                                                                                     Ng Miu Yee Maria


「積極裝備、精益求精」是2015-18年度學校發展計劃的重點關注項目。我們深信,積極裝備、精益求精的推動力是經歷(Experience)、投入參與(Engagement)、充權(Empowerment)。正因如此,經歷、投入參與和充權是Stars in Carmel 獎勵計劃的三個階梯。此全校性的獎勵計劃,嘉許有進步或有優良表現的同學。同學離開安舒區,抓緊學術或非學術的學習機會,就會有所經歷;主動、恆常參與活動,就會越發投入;放膽擔起策劃、統籌的責任和領袖角色,能力就越發提升。









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