Helping You and Me


3B Chow Wing Sze

Helping You and Me

The boy patted on my shoulder. I looked up and saw a cartoon patterned band-aid.

 “Mum told me to give it to you and thank you for helping her this morning,” the boy said thankfully with his big smile. He then ran back to a woman, raising his head, smiling proudly “Mum, I’ve done it. I’ve helped that sister.”

The woman put her hand on the little boy’s head and praised him with her gentle voice. She turned to me and smiled. I remembered her. She was the poor woman scolded by the man in the morning…

It was a busy Monday morning with little droplets falling down from the grey sky. The road was fully filled with hustle and bustle. I put on my earphones to shut the noise out of my ears. I queued up quietly and waited for the bus.

All of a sudden, a loud roar was shouted by a man fiercely. The thunderous voice was a great shock to people around. I looked up and saw a poor woman standing in front of the strong built man surrounded by the crowd. Her eyes were red and she looked so helpless.

“You’ve stolen my wallet. It’s no use denying it,” the man shouted at the top of his voice. Everyone seemed to believe in him. They surrounded the woman in order not to let her escape. The more the woman shook her head, the more fiercely the people scolded at her.

I checked my watch, thinking that if it should be the time to go. Then the man shouted at her again.  I could stand seeing a weak woman threatened by the roaring giant. I took down my earphones and stood in front of the woman. I asked, “Excuse me, sir. Why are you so sure that this lady has stolen your wallet?” “I saw that.” he replied to me in great confidence. “So that wallet over there isn’t yours, right?” I pointed at the rubbish bin behind him. There was an orange wallet beside it. The man was shocked. The place suddenly became quiet. Everyone went away and pretended that nothing had just happened. The man apologized to the woman in embarrassment and left in haste.

While I was turning my body and wanted to talk to the woman, the bus arrived. I rushed onto the bus in a hurry because I didn’t want to be late for school. On the bus, I saw the woman look at me. Her eyes were full of gratefulness. I thought it would be the last time I saw her.

It was still raining when I went home. It was really a tough day for me that I had just received a few of my failed exam papers. As I walked in the rain, I tripped over a tiny rock. All the paper fell off from my hands and got wet. I sat on the slippery floor, looking at the exam papers filled with red marks. Suddenly, a boy came and gave me a band-aid.

I never thought that I would meet that woman again. She smiled at me with a thankful heart. I turned over the band-aid and find “Add oil” behind it. I smiled in gratefulness.

People always say that helping people brings blessings to both who offer a hand and who are helped. This time, I’ve helped a woman. Next time, I’ll get help from others. That’s wonderful.