Banning Dolphin Shows?


Dear Editor

I am writing to show my opposition to the ban on the dolphin shows at Ocean Park.

First of all, dolphin shows are not inhumane.  The dolphins kept in the park are properly fed, taken care of, and are not subjected to unethical acts such as tortures caused by harsh training and performance.  In fact, the dolphins receive enough rest and food before the start of a show, and would have enough time for breaks.  Besides, it is suitable to let dolphins interact with humans as dolphins are highly sociable animals.  After the shows, they sometimes swim up to the spectators and the spectators will touch their foreheads.  From such close encounters, we can see that they enjoy interacting with human beings, and do not treat their performance as toilsome tasks.  Then why is it necessary to ban dolphin shows especially when dolphins are not harmed in the process but in fact enjoy their work?

Moreover, keeping dolphin shows around can actually save dolphins from destructive human activities, mainly water pollution.  Every year, at least 300, 000 dolphins die because of oil spills and chemical pollution.  Dolphins cannot grow healthily in polluted seas, as chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls can disrupt their reproductive and immune systems.  Eventually, their population will decrease and they will die.  Ocean Park does not just provide entertainment for us, but also provides a clear and spacious environment for dolphins to live in.  Besides, there are vets who can treat dolphins when they are ill, while the oceans cannot provide healthcare services to them when they are sick and feeble.

Lastly, the dolphin shows are an attraction of Ocean Park.  If the shows are cancelled, one of the major attractions of the park will be lost, and business may be affected as well.  The park will not attract as many visitors as before.  Besides, what will become of the dolphin trainers?  They will certainly be jobless and have no other ways to make a living if the shows are banned.  Their action will not just negatively affect the park’s reputation and economy, but also lead to unemployment.

To sum up, dolphin shows at Ocean Park should not be banned as they provide a safe haven for dolphins and can entertain both humans and dolphins themselves.

Yours faithfully


Sidney Ngai