Beauty has many forms, and I think the most beautiful ones are confidence and loving yourself


Recently, we are honoured to invite the Hong Kong Internet celebrity, Zoe So (known as SOEZ), to have an interview with us. Zoe has her own studio and team near the Central district. She is popular among the Asia countries. Her Instagram and Youtube channels both have reached 1000k followers and subscribers.

Getting Started

Zoe was being bullied in her early school life as she was too pink-loving and “special” among her classmates. She was not bounded by secular society. She did not do well academically. Yet she cared a lot about her appearance and image too much. Most teachers had given up on her. However, her mum and brother have never abandoned her. Zoe’s mum always encourages her to do what she really wants. She taught her how to dress up and be kind to her classmates even though they shared different opinions. Her brother helps her take beautiful photos and manage her personal blog and Youtube channel. Zoe posts her first beauty caring video on the Internet when she was 17.

Duties And Responsibilities

Zoe posts videos every day on Youtube to promote positive social values. She also records her traveling moments when she goes to somewhere special and shares beauty tips with her audiences. “I would really share the most desirable and wonderful places with my dear audiences,” Zoe said.  She always shares the happy moments, be it travelling with her friends and beauty care tips. Moreover, she teaches her audiences to live a happier life by offering positive suggestions.  Zoe can always discover somewhere special to go to and share it with her followers. Her sharing always suggest her audiences meaningful places to spend time in.

Moving Up

Once she discovered her life goals after her reputation was raised, she put plenty of effort to operate her channels and blog. Therefore,she keeps moving up to be a KOL and is appreciated by many other people around the world. Zoe is then invited by different companies, schools, and organizations to share her successful experiences. “ I couldn’t imagine I would be so successful in the past. So don’t underestimate the influence you could make.” Her ultimate dream is to operate her own business in future.

The happiest time in my career

“Being with my teammates is definitely the happiest time in my career. They help me manage my channel and blog very well.” Zoe loves being with her friends and family saying that her brother has been the most supportive person in her life. Not only does he support her spiritually, but he also provides ideas for her Youtube channel and personal blog. Her brother is an esports player who has had many achievements in his gaming career. They often share valuable suggestions with the audiences. Zoe was happy to see the audiences be cheered by her and her brother. She hopes to see more people with a beautiful smile on their faces and show their confidence in front of others.