It’s never impossible to be a Youtuber

Aloe Jam has never thought that she would succeed in becoming a Youtuber but she did it. Young post reporter interviewed the famous Youtuber Aloe Jam.


“Well I started this dream since my secondary school life.” Said Aloe Jam, whose real name is Yoela Tsang. She is a famous Youtuber in Hong Kong, having 10 thousand subscribers in her YouTube channel.

“Since YouTube became popular in my secondary school days, I became one of the serious addicts of this media. My parents were very worried as they think that I only watch YouTube videos every day after school.” Aloe Jam said that just like every parent, they are concerned of the time their kids spend on their mobile phones.

Getting started

We asked Aloe Jam for the reason she dreamt to be a Youtuber. “Due to academic pressure, I was so depressed and anxious all the time. But soon I found watching YouTube videos helps relieve stress.” “I enjoy watching Youtube so sooner I hoped to share my joy with others.” Aloe Jam said that her motive to start this Youtube channel is to make videos, she hoped her videos will bring smiles to viewers’ face.

“I didn’t know I would have this amount of subscribers when I first start.” said Aloe Jam with a warm smile on her face. “I loved video games so I started making videos of the my gaming moments, I think people enjoy gaming moments as I most people play games as well.” “Oh, and also to show that girls also can play video games well ha ha ha.” Aloe Jam said because of stereotypes people usually think that boys can play games (especially FPS and RPG) better than girls. And she is here to prove that there are lots of awesome female gamers.

A Day at work

“ It’s just video-taking, editing and posting.” Aloe Jam start her day of work at 10 in the morning every day. She started her stream live and records her gaming moments in real time, she also will chat with her viewers. She then ends her live stream at 4 in the afternoon and started editing her recorded videos and post it at night. “It’s tiring but I loved it. I don’t only feel the joy of watching Youtube now, but I am willing to share my joy with others,” said Aloe Jam.

Happiest thing

When asked for the happiest moments, she laughed. “So people usually guess my happiest moments will be the moment my number of subscribers reached 10 thousand. But nah, my happiest moment was long ago. Though I am still super excited when this moment

happens to me now.” Aloe Jam said her most thrilling moment was around the time she has 90 subscribers. She said that at that time she was still a little Youtuber without much fame. There is one of her fans who recognised her in a game. “I didn’t know I would be recognised by a fan even though I have less than 100 subscribers. I was so happy at that time and had

a nice chat with this friendly viewer.” Aloe Jam said that she loved viewing comments from her viewers. “The warm comments from viewers gives me motivation. Though i also get insulting comments, I won’t take it personally. But I will also consider if the negative comments really point out some problems of my videos.”

Personal sharing

“I guess many wonder how to be a Youtuber” said Aloe Jam. “Be creative, humorous, willing to take on challenges and optimistic. That’s all you need. Just remember one super important thing, BE YOURSELF.” Aloe Jam emphasizes the point, be yourself, as no one likes to see someone fake. It’s sharing your life, not taking a movie in Youtube.

“Being a Youtuber is more tiring than you could ever imagine, but I loved it” said Aloe Jam. She reminds readers to be passionate and be loving if you wish to be a Youtuber.