Healthy Living Day


Dear Samuel,

Hey man, what’s up? How are you doing in Thailand? Well school hasn’t been the same since your departure–it’s just plain boring without you here.

Anyway our school has just held the first Healthy Living Day, and I bet you have no idea what Healthy Living Day is.  It is a day that students get to enjoy shorter lesson time, and spend their afternoon time playing board games, or learning arts and crafts. It allows us to have a break that we all desperately need, since UT is coming. I never thought that playing Monopoly Deal could be such a blast, as I usually spend time with my friends playing online games together. It’s just a refreshing way for me to spend time with my friends, instead of playing online times all the time.

After playing board games, we were summoned down to the hall where a talk was held. The speaker then introduced to us the movements and ways of relaxing our muscles and tissues, which is kind of lame and stupid (to be honest), most of us aren’t going to do these exercises when we’re done with the talk. However, the part after was quite eye-catching as she talked about emotions and how our stress could manipulate and control us. It was just a talk, but it reminded me how closely connected our stress and emotions are, and that we should pay attention to our stress and pressure. This part makes me realise that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about doing sports regularly, or having a strict diet, but also about being healthy mentally.  We should be optimistic and positive as this is the pathway to having a happy and healthy lifestyle. I know you can easily be negative and angry at the world sometimes, so maybe having a healthy lifestyle can let you look at the bright side of things and you may finally be relieved of your burden and pain.

Anyway try your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle by smiling more, moaning less. I’m sure that your life can be a happier and a better one. See ya later bro!

Best wishes,