A speech for recruiting new members for a school team


Good morning fellow students

Let me start my speech by asking you several questions.  Do you find it almost impossible to persuade your mother to buy you that adorable video game?  Do you lose your quarrels to your siblings and you can just turn into an angry maniac giving out nothing persuasive but biased truth?  And most importantly, you can’t get out of the endless loop and you thought you’d never be able to change this perplexing situation?

That’s why I’m here to tell you a simple “no”.

I’m here to introduce to you the Debating Team, which is an ideal place for you to equip yourselves with the best reasoning skills.  In the team, we are always enriching our experience in debating together.  We brush up skills for doing rebuttals, looking for the best expressions and exploring the best way to put forward our arguments.  Never should you be afraid of being a newbie to debating or knowing only little about public speaking.  In our team, you will feel the hospitality from our senior members.  We will experience how to gear up, embrace challenges and make improvement together.  There’s nothing you need to worry about.  Just come and join our family.

Besides reasoning skills, joining our team, you can enjoy benefits that you haven’t thought of.  You will be able to develop a foreign accent and speak fluent English as debating requires the contestants to deliver a lot of arguments under a time constraint. Debating requires you to refute your opponents’ points and come up with ideas quickly in order to ace the other team.  Frequent practice and hands-on experiences will help you to develop swift thinking and think out of the box.  You will be able to provide solid evidence to make a persuasive speech in the most eloquent manner.

Although I must admit that debating can be time consuming as you need to join some training sessions and do preparation for debating contests, the reward for what you’ve paid, both effort and time, is totally worth it.  Your effort will surely pay off.    

Join us and thrive in oral English and critical thinking.  We welcome all of you our junior schoolmates with open arms.

Let me end the speech with a fun fact.  I got my Nintendo Switch after I persuaded my mum with the skills acquired in the Debating Team.

Have a nice day!