Proposal for a Bookstore Cafe


Proposal for a bookstore café in The Big


I would like to propose a bookstore café in the Big. In a hectic city like Hong Kong, people are often under immense stress and they lack the time to relax themselves.  Also because of the tremendous workload that they are having, they tend to trivialize the importance of spiritual nourishment.  Books & Coffee provides a wholesome access for busy people to attain physical and spiritual repose.

2 Details for the bookstore café

2.1 The environment

We aim to create a nostalgic vibe in the bookstore café.  Coffee and books lovers are mostly yuppies who care much about their quality of life.  This atmosphere is truly an enjoyment to them.  To create this ambience, we are going to use brown book shelves and tables.  The café is going to be adorned with delicate flowers and ornaments.  Pictures and drawings will also be displayed to enhance the artistic feeling of the café.

2.2 The delicacy

The main focus of the café is, of course, coffee.  Coffee beans form different countries will be acquired so as to provide a diversified range of coffee for our customers.  For instance, Brazilian coffee tastes more balanced.  Indonesian coffee tastes more nutty and Ethiopian coffee tastes more fruity.  This is to attract customers with different preferences of coffee.  Siphon coffee makers will be used to ensure that our coffee is of the best quality.  Apart from coffee desserts like brownies, cupcakes, muffins, cherry pies, pudding, etc. will also be served.  For customers who do not have a sweet tooth and prefer healthier food, salad, burritos, quesadilla, yogurt and the like will be available as well.  We are going to make sure that our food is excellent, if not perfect, to retain customers.

2.3 The books

The books that are going to be sold are secondhand books.  We encourage our customers to sell the books that they’ve finished reading to us.  We can then utilize the supposedly cast-off materials and retail them again at higher prices.  We collect a variety of books including literature, history, poetry, design, fashion, economics, science, technology and the like.  This is to again attract customers who have their own expertise and interests in different fields.  We are going to organize the books by categorizing them by themes and the alphabet. It creates a neat and tidy environment which allows our customers to find out what they want easily.

3. Target customers

3.1 The white-collar workers

These workers probably have the most overwhelming schedule almost every day.  They got a nine-to-five job and have to toil away at work on a daily basis.  A bookstore café will be perfect for the to take a break from their many duties and responsibilities. Spiritual fulfillment through reading can also be obtained.  Our café is going to be a boon to these workers.

3.2 The workaholic

Our café targets on the assiduous ones as well.  People can stay focused and get their work done in our café.  We also serve coffee which can help them to stay awake and be productive.  In general, it is a nice place for diligent people to be efficient without being pressurized. 

4. Marketing strategies

I would like to use the three letters ‘SSS’ to summarize our marketing strategies.  The first ‘S’ stands for ‘secondhand’.  The books that we are going to sell are all secondhand ones.  We can then reuse and utilize the books to achieve profit maximization.  It also greatly lowers the cost because the books will be collected at a very low price and we are going to retail them at a higher price.  I am certain that it is going to be a profitable and even lucrative business.  The second ‘S’ stands for social media.  We are living in the era of social media.  It has gradually become an inevitable part of our everyday life.  We will have promotion and advertisements on mainstream social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on.  This is to increase the popularity of our café and let more people know about us.  It can even unleash numerous potential customers for our café.

The third ‘S’ stands for stunning.  By stunning, we mean the appearance of our coffee and delicacies.  Professionals baristas will be hired.  Not only does our coffee and food satisfy people’s taste buds, they are also photogenic and exquisite.  Taking pictures and sharing them on social media has become a major part of people’s lives now.  Seeing this trend and phenomena, we believe that making our delicacies look stunning can indubitably entice more customers.

The last ‘S’ stands for superb.  No matter how attractive the environment is and the food looks, we understand that the food itself has to be superb to retain customers.  Therefore, we will carry out multiple tests before we introduce a new dish.  Also the requirements for both baristas and chefs are extremely strict.  We employ skillful chefs to provide delicious dishes for our customers.

5 Mutual benefits

The idea of Book & Coffee itself is already beneficial to both of us, the entrepreneur and the customers.  It creates a win-win situation in which we can unbridle our love and passion for books and coffee, meanwhile, our customers will be able to enjoy our impressive services.  On top of that, we are going to introduce a discount and a reward system to express our heartfelt gratitude for our loyal customers.  They get one stamp every time they spend more than $30 in our café.  When they have got 10 stamps, they can enjoy a free beverage.  This also incentivizes people to visit our coffee shop again.

6. Conclusion

To conclude, we cannot think of a better idea than opening Book & Coffee in The Big. The kaleidoscopic services that we provide are spectacular.  We are positive that the unlimited potential that Book & Coffee has is beyond imagination.  More importantly, there will be an influx of middle to upper class people to The Big, which guarantees that both the shopping centre and Book & Coffee are going to thrive because this group of people are the ones that cannot resist a delicious cup of coffee.  I would appeal for your approval to start my business in The Big.

Proposed by June Kan