The day when I swapped my body with Hayley


One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder. As I opened my eyes, I suddenly found that I was lying on an unfamiliar bed, wearing unfamiliar clothes, in an unfamiliar room…Everything was strange. There’s a clock and I saw that it was 2 o’clock. Suddenly I saw a witch sitting on a broom. She said, “You can’t keep being bullied by others. I will now give you a chance to change it.” Then, it disappeared with some smoke. I felt so confused and it seemed like I was dreaming. But how come all that was so real? I hit my face to see if I would feel the pain. “Ouch!” It hurt! My hands were getting sweaty. What had happened to me?

I opened the door and saw a sitting room that was very big and there was a beautiful sofa. And a strange man was there on the sofa. He suddenly stared at me and I was frozen. The man yelled at me, “Hayley! How come you haven’t slept?” I was so confused. Hayley was my classmate! But then, I remembered what the witch had said. Hayley was the classmate who always bullied me… A lot of questions popped out, “How come the man called me Hayley? Who is he? Where am I now?” I rush to the toilet and looked at the mirror, and I saw Hayley…

No, wait, I was inside Hayley’s body now! Was it real? Where was Hayley now? I saw a pink phone on the table and grabbed it. I turned it on and tried to find my phone number. I dialled it and got through! I said, “Hello?” “Yes, hello.” That was MY voice! I tried to ask if she was Hayley. Indeed she was! We really had swapped our bodies! Both of us couldn’t believe that. We discussed and decided to meet the next school day.

On the next day, I wore Hayley’s uniform, Hayley’s school bag… and went to school. On the way, I saw myself being bullied by Hayley’s friends. They pulled my hair, hit me and ordered me to give all the money to them. Although I was not bullied physically at that moment, I also knew how painful and terrible she felt. Then, Hayley’s friend shouted at me. “Hello, Hayley. We are “playing with” Kennis right now. Today she was crazy! She keeps saying that she is YOU, Hayley! She is such a silly fool!”

I thought she was so poor and said to her friends, “Hey, there’s a sale in the store right there! Why not go there and have a look?” They seemed surprised and followed me.

When I arrived at school, I saw myself and talked to her, “Are you okay?” She suddenly cried, “I am so sorry for all the things I have done to you before. The experience of being bullied is really terrible…” “Never mind. Let’s be friends!” After saying that, both of us felt dizzy and our bodies changed again! I was thankful to the witch who gave us this unforgettable lesson.