A journey to the pyramid


A journey to the pyramid

One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder. As I opened my eyes, I was standing in the science laboratory and I saw a new time machine. I yelled, ‘Wow! Doctor Sam has already finished his time machine. Let me try it!’ Then, I climbed into the huge time machine.

There’re many buttons. First, I chose year 2582 BC, then I chose Egypt. Soon, the machine started to move, I felt very frightened and a bit excited. I called out, ‘Ahhhhh……’

After a while, the time machine stopped. I opened my eyes slowly and walked out of it. Then my eyes suddenly lit up, I felt extremely cheerful. I saw so many Egyptians building the pyramids.

Suddenly, an energetic Egyptian stood in front of me and asked, ‘Hello! Do you want to visit our built-up pyramid? There’s a tour over there. Come and join us. It is free!’ I answered, ‘Oh! It sounds fun, I will join it!’

After that, I lined up to start my journey to the pyramid. The tour guide (Egyptian) introduced and brought us to visit the pyramid. He took us to walk around. I whispered, ‘Wow! It’s wonderful!’

I thought the building was magnificent. When I was still touring around the pyramid, someone shouted, ‘Oh no! We have lost sight of the tour guide!’ And suddenly, we heard a strange noise and the mummy came out and chased us. The tourist on my left hand side was turned into a mummy by another real mummy!

There’s a mummy chasing me too! I was extremely frightened and I screamed, ‘Help, help!’ ‘The mummy kept on following me.

I was looking for the exit of the pyramid. However, I concentrated on visiting the pyramid, I didn’t remember the way and I didn’t know how to get out of this pyramid. It’s like a maze!

After a long run, I escaped from the pyramid and I found my time machine quickly. Then I got into it and pressed the button ‘Return’. Luckily, I could escape in time at last!

When I was back to the science laboratory, I saw Doctor Sam (the designer of the time machine) wandering around with a worried face. I asked him, ’Hello, Mr Sam. What’s up? Why did you feel so worried?’

Doctor Sam answered. ‘Oh you’re back! I was very worried about you! You know? This machine has some problems and I have to fix them! However, you used it. The problem of the old machine is that it may take you to some dangerous places. By the way, where did you go?’ I answered, ‘I went to Egypt and the mummy chased me!’ Doctor Sam said, ‘Thank God, you’ve come back safe and sound! ”

After this journey, I’ve learnt we should have better observation so that we will not make mistakes easily.