A Magic Adventure


One night, I was awakened by the sound of distant thunder. As I opened my eyes, I looked at the window. How strange! There was no thunder and rain outside. I thought that it was just a part of my dream, then I went back to sleep. However, I heard the noise again. I was annoyed, therefore I started to search for the sound. Suddenly, I saw a light. It was from a book. It started glowing. A book could glow! Was I dreaming? I walked towards the book slowly. There was thunder again. I listened carefully. The sound came from the book. How odd! I was stunned. As I touched the pages, I was sucked into it. “Helpppppp!” I yelled.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a big, neat station. There were a lot of people. I found myself was no longer in my pyjamas, but in my favourite casual wears. When did I change my clothes? I didn’t remember. But it was not important. I had to find out where I was first. I wandered round the station. I found it familiar, as I had seen the place before. “The King Cross Station!” I was dumbfounded and excited. But why was I here?

Suddenly, I saw a boy. He was short and thin. I walked closer to him. Then I saw a scar on his face. And that was a lightning scar. I knew who he was. He was Harry Potter!

Oh no! I knew where I was. I was inside a book! Just like the story book “Land of Stories”. Would I have to live here forever? I still had to go to school tomorrow! I couldn’t miss any school days in secondary school! I was a bit scared. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. That was no use. I decided to seek help. The only one who could help me now was Harry Potter. Therefore, I filled Harry in my story and asked him for help.

“Umm….I don’t think I can help you,” Harry answered. ”But I think the teachers in Hogwarts can.” “Thank you!” My eyes gleamed. “Come with me.” said Harry. Then he led me to walk through the wall between Platform Nine and Platform Ten. We were in the Nine and Three Quarters Platform now. We got on the train.

I was on the train to Hogwarts. It was awesome. I hoped I got my phone here. After that, Harry introduced me to his friends, Ron and Hermione. And we became good friends. When we arrived at Hogwarts, Harry took me to the professors. However, none of the professors knew how to transfer me back to my world. I was frustrated.

Harry and his friends came to me and said, ”Don’t worry, you can live here!” However, I didn’t want to live there (although, I had to admit living there was quite cool). Hermione said, “Don’t worry. I’ve read a book about how to transfer people to another world, but it was old magic, I don’t know if the spell can work well.” “No problem. Just try.”  “Alright then, I am going to use the spell. ‘Transfer Rex to -”

“Wait! “ cried Harry. Hermione stopped the spell. Harry patted my shoulder and said, “No matter where you go, Rex, remember we are friends.” “Ok, thanks.” “This is a gift,” whispered Ron, “for our friendship.” He handed me a wand. A wand! I was very delighted. “Thanks so much! Thank you! All right, Hermione, let’s start the spell.” Hermione spelled the spell out, “Transfer Rex to another world!!!”

“Good bye, my friends!”

The next time I opened my eyes, I found myself in a room. However, it was not my bedroom. The room was dirty and messy. I saw a rope in front of me. ”What is it? Where is it from?” I was curious, and I touched it. It was slippery. Then, I heard some noise.”Hisssssss……….”

I was shocked. I was scared. It wasn’t a rope. It was a snake. There was a SNAKE in front of me. My biggest fear was snakes. I hate snakes. I thought they were horrible. And now, I was finished. It is because I knew where I was. It’s the Riddle House. The place where “You-know-who” returned.

Suddenly, a man walked into the room. “Vol-“ I was done. Oh no! Somebody helped me! I didn’t want to die! I wanted to go home!

The man(also known as Voldemort) knew what I was thinking about. However, he still pretended to be nice and said softly, “Why? Hello. Little boy. What are you doing over there?” I was too scared to say something. My only thought was that I had to fight with him. Therefore, I took out my wand and yelled, “Experlliarmus!” (This was a spell that could make your enemy drop his/her weapon.) However, the magic didn’t hit Voldemort. So I used another spell, “Stupefy!!!” (a spell that could let your enemy flew away for a distance) This time, it hit Voldemort. And that made him angry.

“How dare you fight with me! Avada Kedavra!!”(a spell that could kill people) I hid for the magic, and used some spell (like”Expecto Patronum) to protect myself. Voldemort was annoyed, and he yelled, “You are so annoying! Death Eaters! Come and help me to kill the boy!” I saw the snake sliding towards me, and I was too busy to fight with Voldemort so I didn’t have a hand to protect myself from the snake. Oh no! The snake was slugging around my foot and it was going to bit me. The last thing I saw was a flash of blue light, then I passed out…..

When I opened my eyes again, I was lying beside a tree. And there was no sight of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. I thought that I was in the heaven, but I was wrong. I saw three similar faces in front of me.

“Harry! Ron! Hermione!” I cried happily. ”Why are you guys here? And where am I?””I sent you to the wrong place. I am sorry.” Hermione said. “We went to find you immediately. We saw you nearly getting caught by the Death Eaters. Luckily, we were just in time to save you.” “Thanks. So the blue light was from you?” “Yes, it is.” Ron answered. “By the way, Professor Dumbledore would like to see you.” “Me? Why?” I asked. “We don’t know why. Let’s go back first.” Harry said. “All right then.” I agreed.

When we went back to Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore was already there, waiting for me. When he saw me, he shouted joyfully, “Thank God! You are safe! Rex!” “Hello, Professor Dumbledore. But …… but why do you know my name ?” “Of course I know your name! I am the one who sent you here!” Dumbledore whispered to me. “I know that you will have a lot of questions in your mind. And now, I am going to tell you the truth.” “The reason I sent you here was that, our kingdom, The Story Kingdom, wanted to teach you a lesson. We want to teach you that reading is fun. Rex. We know that you hate reading very much.”

“What? “I yelled. “No! Just the opposite !I l LOVE reading very much! Everyone calls me ‘Bookworm’ in the class as I am always reading books!” “What? You are not the one who hates reading? So who is it?” “Maybe… it’s Herny Chan, the one who sits next to me in the class. He hates reading. ”

“Oh I see,” murmured Dumbledore, who was still in a surprise. “So we picked the wrong person. Never mind that now. I will tell that to the king of the Story Kingdom. It’s my fault. I am sorry. Here is a key for you. It is the key to travel through books. I will give it to you now,” he handed the key to me. “This key can take you to any book you like. Whenever you want to go inside a book, just say ‘I order you to let me go into the book!’ When you want to go back to your world, just say, ‘I order you to let me get out of this book! ‘You are now our Story Kingdom’s VIP. You can come anytime you like. We will always welcome you.” “Yes, we will.” cried Harry. “We will always welcome you!” “Ok. Rex, you can leave now. Remember to hold the key tightly. Good luck!” Dumbledore said. “Thanks so much, everyone! Goodbye! I order you to let me get out of this book!” “Bye, Rex!!!!”

Boom! I heard the thunder again. I opened my eyes and found myself at my study desk. I saw three items on my desk. They were a key, a wand and a booklet. It was a book report. Oh yes! I had to hand in my book report tomorrow! I was sucked into my book report. Haha! So funny. Of course, I wrote down “Harry Potter” in my book report. I tried to use my wand, but it was no use. I guess it would only work in the Story Kingdom. It was two o’clock in the morning, so I went back to sleep.

The next morning, I was going to head to school. Last night I dreamed that I was playing with Harry, Ron and Hermione. We also wandered around Hogwarts and saw a lot of people and professor, and also…

“Rex Ng! Stop day dreaming!” shouted my Geography teacher. “Concentrate in class!”(Geography was not my cup of tea. I hated Geography very much as I found it boring.) I couldn’t tell anyone what I was thinking. They wouldn’t believe me, but never mind that.

When it was reading lesson, Henry Chan groaned, “Oh! Why should we take the reading lessons? Oh!” (He has said this for a billion times!) He threw his book on his desk. And when he touched the book, he screamed. Then he disappeared. After a minute, he was back.

“Rex! I’ve been to another world! I met Harry Potter there! Trust me! It’s true! I…I…

Umm. It seemed that I had got a ‘friend’ to travel through the Story Kingdom with me. What adventure would be the next? Would it be….Star Wars?