Peace will make hate and destruction vanish


Sleeping on my comfortable bed, I was suddenly awakened by the distant thunder. Suddenly, a strike of distant thunder hit the circuit box. I was toasted by the electric overload. My soul flew away from my body.

And I heard a mysterious voice saying, “I hope that he will be able to stop it all from happening or all my servants and offspring will perish. I will bring him to another dimension. Abrakazing, Abrakala!”

“Wake up Dan, It’s time to go!” A sudden voice said, I paused for a second. I thought I was already dead. All of a sudden, I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a wooden room with a man in a marine uniform suit. My head suddenly ached, I was receiving a lot of information. My former self was giving his memories and energy to me. I suddenly knew who the man was. He was my best friend Evan. I murmured, “Looks like I am no longer at home.” I was a captain of an American submarine, fighting against evil Adolf Hitler. I was stunned and amazed at the same time. I told Evan to leave me alone and let me rest .

I changed into my uniform and thought about what I should do. I decided to defeat Hitler, but not by war, but by peace.

I went to the control room to find Evan.On my way there I met a lot of young and passionate soldiers saluting towards me. I was determined to save their lives by bringing peace and ending the war.

When I saw Evan in the control room, I told Evan about my plan, by taking the German troops to betray Hitler and saving the world. Evan didn’t agree with me. He thought that German troops were stubborn and evil. I argued with him. But since he was not going to let me put myself in danger, he pulled out his gun and tried to force me to give up. But I was not going to give up and watch all those soldiers die in the war. I grabbed Evan’s gun and shot at him, leaving him dead on the ground. My face immediately turned pale, I didn’t want to hurt my friend on purpose. But there was no point regretting now. My eyes lit up with determination. I must fulfill my destiny.

I drove the submarine to the enemy line. There were a few thousand German troops there. My arrival didn’t please them. They were ready to fire. Suddenly, I left the submarine, stood on the deck and yelled, “Do you want to fight or be free? Join me and we will defeat Hitler who has made you fight. “I began to list all of Hitler’s misdeeds and crimes, persuading the German troops to betray Hitler. And it worked. They dropped their weapons and let me lead them to victory.

I went from city to city, country to country, calling German troops to join us on our journey. I knew that they had purity and kindness in their hearts. I freed Jews out of their misery and killed German generals whose crimes were unforgivable. My sanity and godly behaviors made both Axis and Allies troops follow me. I soon arrived at the last German city – Prague. I saw the evil-minded devil , Hitler. When he saw my army of millions, he immediately ran down the stairs. Suddenly, a knife stabbed him through his heart. Hitler turned his head in disbelief, he thought that he was safe. He couldn’t believe who the assassin was. It was his own daughter. She threw Hitler’s body down the wall. Then she opened the gates with the help of her troops in the city. Everyone yelled, “Hooray for General Daniel. ” My eyes gleamed as I laughed in joy.

I lived a fulfilling 320 years of life after the war before I was taken away by God. I was known as “the Savior of Mankind” and “the Beacon of the World”. You might be asking, ‘How am I writing this?’ Because I am a scribe of God.’