A letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Recently, I have read a post on your newspaper and I have some opposite ideas to share with the readers and you.

In the first place, although dog meat eating is a tradition of China and some other countries, traditions can be changed when they have some problems. For example, people burn fire crackers during Chinese New Year in the past. However, because it is very noisy and extremely dangerous, this tradition is being banned in Hong Kong. Moreover, a lot of years ago, there was a tradition called foot binding and it was to bind the women’s feet in a very small shoe during the childhood so that their feet could look tiny afterwards. However, because this tradition is extremely unhealthy to those women so this tradition got cancelled.

Other from the tradition, some people claim dogs have a high nutrition, but we will not eat something simply because of its high nutrition value. We also care about other factors like relationship. For example, humans. If humans have high nutrition value, would we eat our friends, family members, teachers, classmates, bosses?

Moreover, although dog meat eating can be a solution to food shortage problem, there are still alternatives to this problem like eating vegetables or other kinds of meat. Also, maybe this problem is caused simply by poor distribution then people can just improve the system of food distribution then the problem is fixed without the need of eating a new type of food.

Therefore, I think that the dogs should be treated better. The dog owners should treat dogs as their friends. Then, there will be way less dogs being abandoned or maltreated so then there will be less dogs being caught and killed for eating or other reasons.

Furthermore, I think that the dogs should be protected better. I suggest the government set up laws banning the selling of dog meat and enforcing heavy punishments. I think that this will help with decreasing the lives of innocent dogs being destroyed.

In conclusion, I hope that all of us can increase the awareness on dog meat eating and make the society more dog-loving.

Yours faithfully,

Lynus Yim