Should the school hours of secondary school be shorter?


Secondary school’s school hours often start from eight o’clock until around three o’clock in the afternoon. However, I suggest that the school hours of secondary school be shorter.

Firstly, the workload in secondary schools is usually very big. Unlike primary schools, the homework in the secondary schools is usually harder and requires a lot of effort.  Because of the large quantity and the difficult homework, it usually makes the secondary students burn the midnight oil and have a small quantity and bad quality of sleep.

Moreover, secondary schools have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities after school.  Although these activities are fun, they take a lot of time, resulting in students leaving school late at night.  Worse still, when they get back home, they cannot go to sleep immediately.  They still need to do the homework.  Therefore, this also causes them to have less sleep.

People may think that sleeping less may not affect much.  However, they are wrong.  Because of the lack of sleep, students will sleep during the class or be late for school since they cannot get enough sleep.

Sleeping during classes might seem like a tiny problem, but it actually isn’t.  Sleeping during classes can make the students miss all the teaching and they will learn less and worse.  Therefore, they need to put extra effort in revision before the exam.

Furthermore, because the time of sleeping is reduced, it can also lead to health problems.  I had had a day sleeping late at night and resulted in a fever the day after.

Also, due to the short time after school, students usually don’t have time to do other academic-related things such as revising the books. Therefore, it may also result in bad results during the exam.

In conclusion, the long secondary school hours is bad for the students’ health and results. Therefore, I hope that secondary schools can reduce the school hours to improve the students’ health and their academic results.