Working with a singer


Dear cousin,  


How’re you? It has been a long time since we last met. I hope you’re doing well.


Now I’m going to tell you a thrilling piece of news. Recently I had the chance to work closely with Eason Chan during his concert! ( I hope you still remember that I’m working for the famous make-up artist Amy Wong. )


Don’t be mad at me. Let me share with you my working experience with your favorite singer.


Just as I told you before, Eason Chan is not my cup of tea. I didn’t like him much because I had heard from my classmates that he has a bad temper and he’s not easy to get along with.


However, my opinion has changed quite a lot after working with him. In fact, I begin to appreciate him.


The first time I met him was in the changing room. Amy introduced me to him. He shook hands with me and greeted me with a big smile. He was much more friendly than I thought.


He has been nice to everyone. He would say ‘thank you’ to the cleaner of the changing room and greet everyone in the morning. Sometimes he would even ask his assistant to buy some snacks for all of us during tea time. People love talking to him because he always tells jokes. He is humorous and nice, not that hard to get along with.


He does not have a bad temper, either. Every time when he had conflicts with the director over the flow of the concert, he would stay calm and discuss with the director again. He wouldn’t shout at anyone and he respected the decision of the director. His attitude is always positive and respectful.


What surprised me most was his sincerity. He tried his very best in every practice and rehearsal. He did put a lot effors in the concert. I could see how much he loves and respects music.


I’m really glad to have that chance to work closely with Eason Chan so that I can get to know what kind of person he is. I feel sorry for my misunderstanding of personality. I shall not only listen to rumors. He is indeed a good singer and also a nice person.


Finally, I have to admit that you have good taste. Eason is worth your admiration. Let’s go watch his concert together next year!





PS. I’ve got 2 autographs from Eason, one for you and one for me!



PS. I’ve got 2 autographs from Eason, one for you and one for me!