Sports made compulsory for all?


Most of you must have heard the Sports Club’s proposal that all students in our school should be required to join a sports team at school.  The Sports Club meant well to promote a healthy habit, but is it really a good idea?  Let us take a closer look.


How many students do we have?  And how many sports teams are there?  What about the number of coaches?  The numbers just do not add up.  It means that we will have at least sixty students per sports team.  As you can see, the proposal is not feasible.  Having so many students in a team will require a lot of equipment and space.  I do not think our school has enough of those.  Besides, with so many students and so few coaches, it will be very hard for the coaches to look after the students.  Therefore, the students may hurt themselves when doing sports.  All of these show that the proposal will not work.


Even if it is going to work, it will not be efficient in promoting a healthy habit of doing sports.  As there are only a few coaches, the students may not have the chance to learn the sports in great depth.  The coaches need to take care of so many students so the coaches will not have so much time to spend on each student.  Other than that, the students will be forced to join a sports team.  It means they may not be willing to join in the first place and they will not have the drive to learn the sports.  Not all students are talented in sports.  Therefore, the school should not waste its resources on this proposal but instead allocate more resources to develop each student’s talent.


The proposal could also affect the students in a negative way.  As the students will need to spend a lot of time on sports teams, they will be spending less time on homework and revision.  This can affect their academic results.  On top of that, students are very busy and may have little rest.  With the extra time needed to spend on sports teams, students may not even have time to rest.  This can seriously affect their health.


Obviously, the proposal of the Sports Club is neither feasible and nor efficient.  It can even affect students’ academic results and health.  Therefore, it is not a good idea.