Proposal for a café at The BIG


Proposal by Pat Chan

25th February, 2014 

1.      Introduction

As a dessert-lover, I would like to propose a café at The BIG.  Chill Out Café was inspired by the concept of ‘green’. It will be selling high quality, eco-friendly cakes and beverages. It is believed that this brand-new concept-inspired café can bring spotlight to The Big.

2.      Eco-friendly catering

2.1  Go organic!

Chill Out Café uses all natural and organic ingredients to make their food. A wide assortment of cupcakes and muffins will be offered to customers. All coffee beans, cocoa and tea are fair-trade goods that means they are procured directly from the farmers in developing countries. Not only does this promote sustainability, but drinks also taste extra good!

2.2  Biodegradable utensils

All cutlery used in Chill Out Café is biodegradable which means they can be consumed by micro-organisms and return to compounds found in nature. This is applicable to the ‘green’ concept.

3.      Target groups

3.1  The middle class

The price levels of the food and drinks are quite high because of the cost of organic ingredients. The middle class can afford the price. Also, they are willing to pay more for high-quality food. The middle class may visit The BIG in weekends with their families and they need a place to relax after shopping. Chill Out Café will be a great place for them.

3.2  White-collar workers

There are many offices in Tsim Sha Tsui around The BIG but there are only a few coffee shops. The white-collar workers may find it difficult to find a place for them to meet their clients or buy a cup of nice quality coffee to boost their energy for work. Therefore, Chill Out Café provides a quiet and comfortable place for them.

4.      Advertisement

4.1  Coupons

The Chill Out Café will be printing coupons and they will be distributed to the neighboring offices. Customers can get a ‘three for two’ discount with the coupon.

4.2  Flyers

Flyers will be printed with the pictures of the signature cakes and beverages, the opening date and the address, Also, there will be a coupon for customers to visit Chill Out Café again.

5.      Benefits

5.1  Significance to Chill Out Café

It builds the image of a green café so that it can appeal the growing number of sharing similar values.

5.2  Significance to society

It raises the awareness of the eco-friendly concept in the public.  Also, it educates the public and the next generation of the importance of living a green life. 

6.      Conclusion

This is a proposal to start a café at the BIG, and we will develop a full plan, which will be presented before the project proceeds.  It is hoped that the proposal can be favorably approved.