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Do you know what a teacher does every day? Having lessons or marking the homework? They are only parts of the story. A teacher needs to prepare for the lessons, have meetings with other teachers. They even need to take good care of the students, not only their physical problems, but also mental problems. Young Post meets Icey Man, who works at a primary school.



You should be a confident and entertaining speaker since you need to speak to about thirty students. To let them concentrate on what you are saying, loud speaking is not that useful. “It is helpful to have an interesting presentation, as you can draw their attention,” Icey said. Another side of the coin is to think on your feet. You can not predict every situation during the lessons. For example, students may not respond to you. Then, you need to think of other way that can lead them to the answers.



A bachelor’s degree or a higher level degree in the subject you specialize in is advisable. To qualify for a teaching job, some basic training in teaching is required. This will include reading and writing proficiency. You must demonstrate the needed expertise and knowledge in your chosen subject to pass the licensure examination. “You can apply to teach in primary schools and take the professional qualification in part-time mode,” Icey suggested.


Work prospects

After some teaching experiences, you can be the head of a department, which means you can receive higher compensation. Man said she did not worry about the issue of surplus teachers because education is one of the most important things in Hong Kong. Education is what every child needs to have, so the market is still here. Moreover, Putonghua teaching is more popular now. You may choose to specialize in that subject as parents may want their children to know how to speak Putonghua, which can benefit for their future.



Since teachers play an important role in nurturing the social and intellectual growth of children, they should not only help them to learn, apply concepts in all subjects, but also give them mental support. Teachers are responsible for establishing a good relationship with students’ parents as they need to work together to help children achieve academic success. Furthermore, you should be an example for the students. They may imitate you, so you should be a role model for them.


A day at work

There are four parts of the works of the teachers one day. You need to prepare for the lessons. Man said, “Preparing an interesting lesson is the most difficult work.” To attract students’ attention, you may have to think of different ideas. During the lessons, you need to lead the students to the concepts or the answers. Make sure you can teach the concepts to them clearly. After the lessons, maybe you can take a breath. You can think of how to improve your teaching better and exchange your experiences with other teachers. After the break, you need to mark all the assignments. Man suggested that it was great to give some opinions to the students. Although all of the above look like some complicated works, it is satisfying to see the students learn all the things that you teach them.