Letter of Adjustment


Dear Mr. Leung,


I am writing in response to your letter, making some comments about your experience working as an au pair for our company in Germany.


We are sorry that you could not contact our office while in Germany. We now have a new international emergency number which is available for 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


It is true that the Grunwald family would like a female au pair. We apologize for the wrong matching.


However, in your application, you stated that you would be available for 12 months instead of 6 months. You were expected to stay for 12 months.


The family stated in their booking that they would not pay for the outgoing flight but they had agreed to pay for the return trip.


They stated that there were no any other dependents expected in next six months. We have a firm commitment to working hours, 30-35 hours for Europe on average. No host family has the right to increase or extend them.


As for your problem of the driving license and lost luggage, it is believed that the responsibilities do not lie with us.


We will follow up and investigate your claims about the host family.


We have a strict policy about payment—- all disputes over pay are settled by us so no family can or should withhold payment. We would like to offer compensation to cover your loss of earnings. We would pay your final month’s salary. Also, we would offer you a discretionary amount of $500.


For your information, the Grunwald family is no longer on our books.


Yours sincerely,                                                       

Tricia Chen                                                      

Tricia Chen