Fight Depression


The major cause of teenage depression is that there have been many changes in the education system. As we all know, the system of public exam changed from HKCEE and HKALE to HKDSE. Students are required to do more work such as SBA and IES. Teenagers who are still studying may have difficulty in adapting to the new system. They may feel nervous and stressed doing so much new school work.


Other than academic problem, teenagers in Hong Kong also face family problems. In recent decades, the divorce rate in Hong Kong has a rising trend. Some teenagers suffer because of their parents’ frequent arguments. When the parents divorce, the teens have to make a difficult decision about staying with the father or the mother. The tense relationship between the parents makes their child feel distressed, which may lead to depression.


Furthermore, teenagers face fierce competition and job insecurity. Nowadays, having high educational qualifications is very common in Hong Kong. Teenagers face more competitors in the job market. It is not surprising any more that a university graduate cannot find a job. It is because employers require not only academic results, but also work experience, communication skills and high abilities. Many teenagers worry about their career prospects and this may lead to depression.


It is essential to solve the problem of more teenagers suffering from depression because they are the future of our society.  So what can we do?


To address the academic problem faced by teenagers, schools can try inviting alumni who have experience in the HKDSE to give a talk sharing tips and feelings. It may help teenagers know more about the new system and be more confident.


It is believed that counselling can also prevent teenagers from suffering depression. No one can live a life without any problems. Everyone faces difficulties. There is no way we can stop problems coming. But we can choose to solve them and adjust our attitude towards them.  Counsellors can help teenagers relieve their stress and pain. Schools can employ more social workers to follow up on depressed teenagers and their families. With the cooperation between schools, social workers and families, the problem of more teenagers suffering from depression will be solved.



Adolescence should be a time full of energy, fun and joy, not pressure or pain. Therefore, it is suggested that schools hold talks and give counselling to teenagers. If we keep turning a blind eye to this phenomenon, there will be more sorrowful tragedies.