A debate speech


Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today’s motion is “Nuclear power is the best source of energy for the future.” Our team highly agrees with this statement as nuclear power is good to both the environment and human beings when it is used safety.


First of all, using nuclear power can greatly reduce the air pollution caused by the combustion of fuels and lower the carbon dioxide emission rate. Nowadays, global warming is one of the major concerns around the world. In order to tackle it, many countries have set reducing carbon dioxide emission “as their green” target. By using nuclear power not only can the amount of carbon dioxide emitted be greatly reduced, it is also fulfill the law of sustainable development. When countries reduce their carbon dioxide emission to minima, the rate of global warming can be slowed on, so the temperature on Earth will not increase too rapid. This protecting helps the habitats of the polar animals such as polar bears and penguins. Nuclear power is obviously beneficial to the environment. How could our dear opponents ignore its benefits to the environment and just focus on its potential risks? Is it fair to judge that nuclear power is harmful for the future without considering its advantages?


Nuclear power is a kind of highly efficient, clean and safe energy. A large amount of power can be generated by using very little amount of radioactive elements. Our dear opponents claimed that the technologies and techniques of building nuclear plants are not mature and safety enough, when there’s an outbreak of nuclear crisis like the one happened in Chernobyl in 1980s, it threatens people’s lives and the later generations. In fact, the technology of the nuclear plants building has been improved a lot these years and its security level has been raised. It begins to turn into a safe and secure technology as more and more countries like China start to build their nuclear power stations using the latest technology.


Our dear opponents suggested that renewable energy like solar power and wind power are the “best” energy sources. We hold reservations towards this point of view as there are quite a number of limitations of using renewable energy. Renewable energy is wholly relied on the weather and the natural environment. This makes the energy supply unstable, which will seriously affect the economic development, country’s production output and people’s lives. Therefore, using renewable energy is not a feasible way to lower the carbon emission and to provide stable and sufficient power supply simultaneously. In order to achieve both targets, using nuclear power is the only way-out. In terms of feasibility and efficiency, when compared to fossil fuels and renewable energy, nuclear power is obviously the best energy source among three. 


Economy needs energy for development. Environment needs to be protected by lowering the carbon emission. Our team believes that nuclear power is surely the best energy source for the future. If our dear opponents fail to prove with concrete evidence that why nuclear power is not the best energy source for the future. Today’s motion must stand. Thank you.