A Nice Jam with G.E.M.


It was a great day with G.E.M. together last Saturday. G.E.M. is my favorite singer in Hong Kong. Though she is at a young age of just 22 years old, she has already been given more than 20 music awards. It was indeed an invaluable experience to meet and to know more about her.

I met G.E.M. at 7:00am in the morning in a music studio. She needed to record her new song with a great voice so she warmed up her vocal cords with me. She taught me how to sing and how to breathe while singing. I realized then that there were a lot of techniques we needed to notice. She had recorded the same line of lyrics again and again until she was satisfied with the quality of every note. She even asked for my opinion on her performance. Although we had spent three hours in the studio, I didn’t get bored in the least.

After that, we went to record the MV of her new song.  It was very soft, sweet and romantic. I was thrilled that she invited me to be a princess in the story. I danced with the prince in an amazing song in a three-second shot. Well, three seconds were enough for me to meet my photogenic desire. Also, I helped her do make-up so as to look more beautiful and mature, which fit the theme of the song. Yes, she is very beautiful not only in my eyes, but also in your eyes, I believe.

When G.E.M. accomplished her work that day, I grabbed the chance to jam a song with her. She could compose a melody and lyrics immediately with the piano. I think she is a genius in music. She can sing at all times no matter when she is having a lunch, travelling or even going to the toilet. Singing the others’ songs was also fun with G.E.M. She changed some melodies in the song when we both had a blissful moment with the guitar and the ukulele, which is a small guitar with special sounds. We had a lot of fun.

Of course, as a loyal fan of G.E.M., I asked for her autograph at the end of the day. She didn’t reject me and to my surprise she also gave me her new concert DVDs. “Wow, I have always wanted to have them. Thank you, G.E.M.” She just gave me a pat on my head and I left with a big smile.

G.E.M. is definitely a nice singer in Hong Kong. She does not have a temper and she is not arrogant at all. Instead, she is willing to listen to me and teach me how to sing. Moreover, I think she loves music very much. She paid much effort on music to improve her music level and to do the best for the audience.

“G.E.M., you have all our support.”