A Meaningful experience


It would be so boring if I just got to do my homework or watch TV at home in a long holiday. I decided to do something meaningful, so I took part in a three-week ‘Summer Work Experience’ scheme last summer and chose to work as a salesperson in a toy shop. It must be a fantastic experience, I thought.

When I first arrived at the shop, I was shocked as it was very big and stocked everything from a box of LEGO to a tricycle. The manager saw me and introduced different parts of the toy shop to me nicely. After that, I was asked to change my clothes and started to do some cleaning before the shop opened. I put the toys back to the right place while some were sweeping the floor. Although it was just a simple task, I had already felt a bit tired.

After the shop was opened, my salesperson life began. I was quite nervous because I was afraid that I could not answer the customers’ questions. At that moment, a mother and his son were walking towards me. The son became crazy when he saw Thomas and Friends moving on the track and yelled. All the customers nearby stared at him and his mother felt really embarrassed. Seeing that, I took him to my stall which was selling yo-yo. I taught him how to play the yo-yo and he felt amazed. He then played it quietly aside and did not disturb other customers anymore.


Happy time flies and soon the toy shop closed. Although the workload made me feel exhausted, I thought I could keep going on and do better. The days afterwards went well until a little girl left me with an unforgettable experience.


The chubby little girl was playing at the corner quietly while I was selling yo-yos to some children. Suddenly, she cried loudly and drew all the people’s attention. It dawned on me that she lost her parents. I gave her a candy at once and she stopped crying. I promised her I would help her to find her parents and held her hands searching the toy shop. We walked over the whole shop in a vain attempt to find her parents. Surprisingly, her parents were outside the shop waiting for her. She ran towards her parents and they thanked me. At last, I was praised by the manager.


Three weeks had gone very fast and the last day soon came. I really didn’t want to leave because I worked happily there and made many friends with other salespersons.


This scheme really turned out to be a fantastic experience. I have learnt a lot like selling a product. Although it was an exhausting job, I enjoyed it very much. And I miss everyone in the toy shop. I hope I could join this scheme again in the next summer holiday.