A book report (1C Chan Tsz Hin)

March 11, 2023 Administrator 0

Title: The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes: The Honeybee Murde

Author: Lai H

This is a story of a honeybee. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Waston came to the country of Kent to help investigate a murder case. The case turned out to be so straightforward as it only took them one hour to figure out the truth.........

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A book report (1C Yuen Yuet Yu)

March 10, 2023 Administrator 0

Title: The Queen's GambiAuthor: Walter Tevi

Imagine you're a little girl with extraordinaryskill in a world of patriarchy. Your skill is believed to be exclusive to only males, and people are sexist about it. That is what happens in this book - The Queen's Gambit.Young Elizabeth Harmon found out th.........

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A book report (1C Chan Yan Lam)

March 10, 2023 Administrator 0

Title : Charlie and the Chocolate Factor

Author : Roald Dah

What could be a life-changing moment ? 1 million dollars ? A good teacher ? The power of knowledge ? Could it be… a pack of chocolate

In the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie was born in a poor family. He was almost starv.........

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A Book Report (1B Chloe Chan)

March 9, 2023 Administrator 0

Book Title: Blizzard of the Blue Moo

Author: Mary Pope Osborn

This is a story about adventure. A brother and sister named Jack and Annie found a tree house that had magic. It could teleport them to any time and any place in history. This time they traveled to New York in 1938 to save the unicorn as .........

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A letter of advice (6C Loo Hoi Kei, Ella)

March 8, 2023 HOI KEI LOO 0


You write an advice column for Teen Magazine and you have received the following letter: I've been thinking about my future. I love animals and I've always wanted to be a vet. But when I told my parents the first thing they said was 'No'. I feel really frustrated. What should I do? -J. C.

Write a letter of advice..........

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